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Items unique to Elona Mobile or significant to the game.

See also the Elona (PC) Items page.


  • Gold - the main currency in Elona Mobile.
  • Platinum coin - Used to buy Skill potential from Trainers.
  • Diamonds - Rare In-game currency. Can be used in the Mystic Diamond Shop and other premium shops.

Other Currencies[]

  • Small medal - Valuable currency used at Miral and Garok's Workshop.
  • Skin Tickets - Used in the Skin Shop.
  • Rift Particles - Collected in Rift Dungeon. Used in Rift Shop.
  • Void Stones - Found in Void Space dungeon. Use at Void Shop.
  • Fishing Vouchers - Used in Fishing Shop. Earn after joining Fishing Association.
  • Badges - Master Golden, Gold, and Silver Badges are obtained from events. Used in Badges shop.
  • Golden Apples - Used in Treasure Shop to buy past God's Treasures.
  • Girl Coin - Used at Wishing Well and Egg gachas.
  • Film Roll - Used to skip ads.
  • Draw Tickets - Used at Wealth Trove.
  • Nefia Coin - Earned by resetting Nefia Points. Used to sign and upgrade Pacts in the Character Covenant interface.
  • Tokens- Used in blue, purple and gold Gacha machines.
  • Casino Chip - Found in Material box. Used to play Blackjack.
  • Cash voucher -


Weapons and Armor[]

For Weapons, Armor and Jewlery unique to mobile, see Equipment (mobile).

For Quality and Material type see Quality (mobile).

See also Equipment in Elona PC: Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Armor, Jewelry.


  • Ehekatl Statue - Grants 2500 turns of Lucky Day buff. Obtained from a dream.
  • Opatos of Earth statue - Refreshes random dungeons on the world map. Obtained from pyramid quest.
  • Lulwy of Wind statue - Changes the current weather. Obtained from Rachel's Book quest.
  • Jure of Healing Statue - Cures Insanity (Resets groups Saniety level to 0). Obtained from Lumiest Sewerage quest.


  • Secret treasure of saint - Grants an aquired Feat (?) that raises Karma limit by 20 (for a total upper limit of 40 karma maximum). Does not stack. Overwrites the feat from the Secret treasure of the Wicked when used. Occasionally dropped by Gwen the innocent.
  • Secret Treasure of the Wicked - Grants an aquired Feat () that lowers Karma limit by 20 (for a total upper limit of 0 karma maximum) and reduces all Karma losses by 25%. As Karma adjustments are always truncated (rounded down), this means losses of one point no longer incur any penalty at all. Does not stack. Overwrites the feat from the Secret treasure of Saint when used. Earned from the Red Blossom in Palmia quest.

God's Treasures[]

Utility Items and Tools[]

  • Pickaxe - Lets you dig ore piles and walls if you have Mining Skill.
  • Work Hammer - No use. Practice blacksmith skill.
  • Lockpick - Lets you open chests and safes.
  • Strap - A leash and collar. This item allows you to keep your allies from wandering too far away.
  • Stethoscope - Lets you see your ally's health bar.
  • Disguise set - Can be crafted at Handcrafting Table. Temporarily negates effects of negative Karma.
  • Whistle - Used to wake up sleeping NPCs without losing Karma.
  • Monster Ball - Captures allies. Basicaly a Pokemon ball.
  • Fireproof Blanket - If in your inventory, it protects equipment from damage by fire. Can be crafted at Handcrafting Table. Has a limited number of uses but can be recharged.
  • Coldproof Blanket - If in your inventory, it protects equipment from damage by cold. Has a limited number of uses but can be recharged.
  • Portable Shelter - Keeps you safe durring Etherwind.
  • First Aid Kit - Resurrects you immediately with no penalty.
  • Garok's Hammer - Convert Blue equipment into Purple.
  • Drill - Add a socket slot to equipment.
  • Run Knife - Remove a rune from a socket slot in equipment.
  • God's Mark - Automatically receive one after converting to any God. Use it to "Preach" to NPC. Not to be confused with 'gods marks' which are used to upgrade God's Treasures.

Equipment Sockets[]

Enchant equipment by talking to <Randall> the Enchanter at Abode of Witch. Runes, stones, notes, etc. can be socketed in equipment as damaged shards or combined first. Three shards can be combined to make one higher level item, for example three Chipped Runes (Lv 2) can become one Flawed Rune (Lv 3). Socket items may be droped by mobs, found in hidden chests or purchased at the Void Shop.

Damaged Runes[]

  • Damaged Rune: Seele - Improves Healing, Nature Lore, or Mind Control.
  • Damaged Rune: Marles - Improves Shield or Armor
  • Damaged Rune: Sigora - Improves Barrier, Bless or Recovery
  • Damaged Rune: Ciel - Improves Healing, Literacy or Meditation
  • Damaged Rune: Ramara - Improves basic stats
  • Damage Rune: Elle - Improves Magic Capacity, Magic Practice or Element Channel
  • Damaged Rune: Liem - Improves Bleeding RES, Shadow mastery or Necromancy
  • Damaged Rune: Matara - Improves Tactics, Two Hand or Duel Wield
  • Damaged Rune: Sunnu - Improves Greater Evasion, Marksman, Eye of Mind or Stealth

Damaged Element Stones[]

  • Damaged Nature Stone - adds Nature DMG or Nature RES
  • Damaged Discharging Stone - adds Electric DMG or Electric RES
  • Damaged Ice Stone - adds Cold DMG or Cold RES
  • Damaged Nether Stone - adds Nether DMG or Nether RES
  • Damaged Fire Stone - adds Fire DMG or Fire RES
  • Damaged Hell Stone - adds Nether DMG or Nether RES
  • Damaged Mana Stone - adds Magic DMG or Magic RES
  • Damaged Mind Stone - adds Nerve DMG or Nerve RES
  • Damaged Shadow Stone - adds Dark DMG or Dark RES
  • Damaged Order Stone - Improves RES to Blind, Paralyze, Confuse or Poison

Damaged Notes[]

  • Survival Recipe Notes - Improves skill, Mining, Fishing or Cooking
  • Life Knowlege [Living] Notes - Improves skill, Traveling, Negotiation, Invest (Support) or Preform
  • Craftsman's Guide Notes - Improves skill: Carpentry, Tailoring, Jeweler or Blacksmith
  • Drug Making Notes - Improves skill: Alchemy, Anatomy, Gardening or Gene Engineering

Damaged Devices[]

  • Damaged Assist Device- Improves skill: Weight lifting or Lock Picking
  • Damaged Detection Device - Improves skill: Faith, Detection, Sense Quality
  • Damaged GPS - Adds Quality Loot Drop or Detect Invisible creatures

Socketable Crystals[]

(Only from Void shop in Samuel)

  • Floating Crystal - Makes you Float
  • Mana Crystal - Weapon effect: Triggers Magic Bolt
  • Shadow Crystal - Weapon effect: Triggers Dark Bolt
  • Mind Crystal - Weapon effect: Triggers Mind Bolt
  • Fire Crystal - Weapon effect: Triggers Fire Bolt
  • Ice Crystal - Weapon effect: Triggers Ice Bolt
  • Nature Crystal - Weapon effect: Triggers Thorn's Embrace
  • Discharge Crystal - Weapon effect: Triggers Electric Bolt
  • Nether Crystal - Weapon effect: Triggers Nether Bolt

Other Sockets[]

  • Mysterious Bell - Improves Luck
  • Glowing Feather - Improves Speed
  • Silver Cross - Adds Powerful against Ghosts or Protects against Thieves
  • Madness Blood - Adds Powerful against Divine or Protects against Pregnancy
  • Dragon Blood - Adds Powerful against Dragons or Digest Rotten Food
  • Impure Blood, Pure Blood and Perfect Blood - Adds Vampiric Descent



  • Hero Weapon Mastery Textbook - (Not implemented?)
  • <Psychic> textbook - (Not implemented?)
  • Study Notes - A quest item. Rare drop from <Nicole> the Trainee
  • Book of Resurrection - Orange scroll. Resurrect an ally or NPC. Rare drop from Mummy, Lesser Mummy, Greater Mummy
  • Facility Teleport Book - Purchase at Treasure Shop. Teleport to a loaction of your choice. Requires gold or diamonds to replinish before using.


  • Jerky: Dried meat. Can be made on the Ranch.
  • Kagami Mochi – Craftable. Quest item. Recipe: 1x tangerines and 2x flour. Also thte name of an event-only item.
  • Fairy Baking Power - Used in crafting Fairy RES cakes in a Fairy's Cauldron and edible.
  • Heart-shaped Uir-O - Crafted at Special Crafting Table (Mayne). Increases Luck +20 for 800 turns.
  • Hero Cheese - Adds HP growth EXP.
  • Lucky Apple - Adds large amount of Luck EXP.
  • Hermes' Blood - Permanently increases Speed EXP.
  • Magic Fruit - Adds MP Growth EXP.


See Potions (mobile) for common potions.

  • Pumpkin Comfort Potion – Cures Pumpkin Nightmare.
  • Youth Elixir – Craftable. Quest item.
  • Equipment Fusion Essence - Used at Garok's to fuse equipment. Can be purchased at Badge shop.
  • Fusion Wish Bottle - Used to fuse wishes.
  • Serum of Cure Corruption - Used with the Surgical table to remove extra slots.
  • Uncle Canine Transformation Ink - Makes you look like Uncle Canine and raises PERC for 30 min.


See Scrolls (PC) for common scrolls.

  • Craftsmen Material Scroll - Gives random crafting material or chips.
  • Confidential Material Scroll - Grants random materials or chips.
  • Wizard's Harvest Writ - Grants gold or Platinum coins.
  • Magus Scroll -Used to change equipment enchantments.


Rods allow you to cast spells without needing to learn spells from books or raise magic skills. Rods have a limited number of uses. Obtaining additional rods of the same type adds charges to the first rod in your inventory. Rods work differently in mobile than in PC. For Fishing rods, see Fishing (mobile).

See Rod (PC) for common rods.

  • Rod of Domination - Attempts to dominate a target, making them your ally. Unique monsters, dungeon bosses, boss versions of common monsters and NPCs that you can speak to cannot be dominated. Available from Miral and Garok's Workshop for 20 Small medals. Chance of dominating monsters increases with (?) skill and with possession of a monster heart. Note: Unknown if Monster Heart works in Mobile. Players report that rod has a very low chance of success.
  • Rod of Teleportation - Allows you to teleport NPCs. Use it to move neutral NPCs out of the way so you can enter a Guild or pickpocket.
  • Flame wall - Attempts to create random fires in a 3x3 area. May damage yourself, allies or neutral NPCs. Can be used to earn faith by burning and regenerating altars.

Other Consumables[]

  • Scattered Books - Currently has no known use. Sells for 33 coins.
  • Summon Contingency - Collect 40 stones of the same color to summon an ally.

  • Panacea Treasures - Treasure shards that increase a ally's skill EXP. Can't be used on main character.
    • Common Potent Treasure (Increases STR)
    • Common Acute Treasure (Increases PERC)
    • Common Agile Treasure (Increases DEX)
    • Common Firm Treasure (Increases Will)
    • Common Wise Treasure (Increases Magic)
    • Common Sturdy Treasure (Increases CON)


Crafting tables[]

Some Crafting tables are found in towns, some can be purchased in shops, others appear randomly in dungeons.

Here is a list of Crafting Table recipes.

  • Anvil - Found in any towns with a Smith NPC, including Vernis.
  • Cooking Table - Used to craft food. Associated with Cooking Skill. Comes in many styles qualities including pot, campfire, kitchen table, sink, and portable cooking tool.
  • Sewing Tools - Used to craft equipment and cargo. Associated with Tailoring Skill.
  • Alchemy Tools - Used to craft alcohol, cargo, and potions. Associated with Jeweler and Alchemy Skill.
  • Alchemy Remnant - Used to craft potions. Associated with Alchemy Skill.
  • Carpentry Tools - Used to craft weapons, cargo, and other equipment. Associated with Carpentry and Jeweler Skills.
  • Gem Cutting Tool - Used to craft scrolls and cargo. Associated with Jeweler Skill.
  • Gun Assembly Table - Used to craft firearms. Associated with Carpentry and Jeweler skill. Found in dungeons.
  • Jewelry Maker - Used to craft jewelry and crystal balls. Associated with Jeweler, Blacksmith, and Carpentry Skills.
  • Heavy Armor Table - Used to make Armor. Associated with ?? skill.
  • Light Armor Table - Used to make Armor, Associated with Tailoring skill.
  • Shield Crafting Table - Used to make shields, Associated with Blacksmith skill.
  • Mana Furnace - Found in several locations including Lumiest and Palmia.

Unique Crafting tables[]

  • Special Crafting Table - Found in Mayne.
  • Farm Tool Crafting Table - Found in Yowyn.
  • Handcrafting Table - Found in Derphy.
  • Fairy's Cauldron - Found in Yowyn.
  • Gene Machine - One can be found in Vernis, and one is given to you as a quest reward.
  • Fishing Tool Table - Found in Lumiest.

Crafting Box materials[]

These Materials are used for crafting (Blacksmith, Alchemy, Tailoring, Jeweler, and Carpentry). They cannot be bought or sold, and have no weight. Materials can be found in many different ways, including through searching Gathering Points found in random dungeons and 'dismantling' equipment. To view your collected materials, open your inventory and click the small white Suitcase icon near the bottom, center of the screen.

See the Crafting (mobile) page a list of common crafting materials and where to find them. Also see the Materials (PC) page. The location and use of crafting materials may differ between Elona versions.

Other Crafting Materials[]


Sold, used in crafting, required for some job quests or given to <Cutie> in exchange for Priest Mask offerings. Any type of ore is the preferred offering type for Opatos of Earth and Jure of Healing. Crystals and raw ore are used to craft jewelry at a Jewelery Maker Table,

  • Iron ore
  • Raw ore (Emerald, Rubynus, Diamond, Mika)
  • Crystal (Sun, Mana, Earth)
  • Gold bar
  • Fake Gold Bar
  • Junk Stone

Materials Box items[]

Other items in your Material Box below crafting materials.

  • Evolution stone - Used to evolve allies. Obtained from Gacha Machines and Test Grounds.
  • Evolution Gene - Used to evolve allies. Obtained from Gacha Machines and using Love Potion on allies.
  • Universal card - Used for Special Training for any ally.
  • Crystal - Raw ore used for training allies and stat breakthrough.
  • Raw Crystal - Superior material for ally's level cap breakthrough and magic breakthrough.
  • Pure Crystal -
  • Stat Essence -
  • Gods Contingency -
  • Wood block -
  • Eye of darkness -
  • Rainbow Scale - Earn in Fishing contests.
  • Fishing Voucher - Spend in Fishing Shop.
  • Dimension Keys (Green, Blue, Purple, Orange) - Used in Ark Ruins to enter another dimension.
  • Tokens (Blue Token, Purple Token, Gold Token, Colorful Token) - Used in Gacha machines.
  • Small medal - Currency used at Garok and Miral's Workshop.
  • Rune Knife - Removes runes from equipment.
  • Void dust
  • Void coagulator
  • Void crystal
  • Chip - Casino Chips used to play Blackjack at a Gambling Table.
  • Universal Genes - Used in Evolution.
  • Cash Voucher -
  • Girl Coin - Used at Wishing Well and Egg gachas.
  • Badges (Gold, Silver, Master golden) - Used in Badges shop.
  • Skin ticket - Used at Skin Shop.
  • Speed Particle - Used on the Incubator to speed up egg hatching by +5 min.
  • Draw ticket - Used at Wealth Trove.
  • Film Roll - Used to skip ads.
  • Golden Apple - Used in Treasure Shop to buy past God's Treasures.

Furniture and Decorations[]

Furniture are items that may be placed inside your home to increase your house rank. The quality and material type of the piece affects its value and how much of a bonus to your house rank it provides. They can be bought from general or goods merchants, including the Embassy, found in dungeons and rewarded for town Jobs.

Interactive Furniture[]

  • ATM/Vault - Must buy a Bank Card to use. Gold stores here doesn't count towards taxes. Found in Palmia, Derphy, Noyel, Yowyn and Port Kabul.
  • Fountains, wells, toilet, etc. -
  • Cooking Tools - Cook food.
  • Notice Board - Also called Town Board or Quest Board. This is where NPCs post Jobs.
  • Achievement Board - Earn rewards and breeding permits.
  • Chairs - You can rest on any chair in the game, from the stool up to the Royal Throne.
  • Beds - You can sleep on any bed in the game, from the sleeping bag up to the Happy Bed.
  • Altars - Where you prat and give offerings to a god.
  • Gaming Table - Gamble with Casino Chips.
  • Gacha Machine - Use Blue, Purple, and Gold Coins to draw items.
  • Teller Machine - If it is in one of your deed buildings, you can use it to interact with the building. For example, you can select which animal to breed in your ranch.
  • Salary Chest - Comes with the Beggar Cave. Replacement can be bought in Embassy. Gives free gold and equipment monthly.
  • Freezer - Lets you store 10 food stacks. Must be place on a deeded property.
  • Cooler Box - Lets you store 4 food stacks and suspends their rotting process. Can use from inventory.
  • Treadmill - Can slightly train your main stats.
  • Recording Device - Plays a message that opens a quest. A Port Kapul Town Achievement.
  • Surgical Table - In Cyber Dome. Removes extra body parts (ie. equipment slots). Req. Serum of Cure Corruption.


  • Snowman, Mayne – Craftable (Mayne). Quest item.
  • Snowman, regular – Craftable (Derby). Decoration only.
  • Snowman, Ritual – Craftable (Derby). Quest item.
  • Kotatsu - A table with a blanket or heater underneath. Steal one in Samuel for a Town Achievement.

Musical Instruments[]

  • Upright Piano
  • Grand Piano
  • Harp
  • Pan Flute
  • Lute
  • Horn
  • Harmonica
  • <Stradivarius>
  • Gould's Piano
  • Violin
  • Hebe's Piano: High quality piano received as a quest reward.

Other items[]



These items are common, but have little resell value. They are often used to complete Job quests and some are used for crafting.

  • Anchor
  • Animal Bone
  • Bone
  • Bone fragment
  • Broken Sword - Used in Blacksmith recipe: Blade of Green
  • Broken Vase - Used in Alchemy recipe: vase
  • Bundle of wood
  • Dead fish - Can no longer be given as an offering to a God
  • Heart
  • Long Socks - Used to craft Disguise Set.
  • Shit
  • Straw
  • Tight Rope - Can be used to commit suicide
  • Toy
  • Wood piece
  • Wood scrap
  • Vomit

Other items[]

  • Snowball - A Projectile. Can be crafted at Handcrafting Table.
  • Wallet (lost property) - Open to get gold (-Karma) or Give to a guard (+Karma). Vernis Town Achievement.
  • Suitcase (lost property) - Open to get gold (-Karma) or Give to a guard (+Karma). Turn in for 2 Town Achievements.
  • Love Potion - Increases relationship with target, but may results vary. Target may lay egg.
  • Cat's Cradle Bomb - Sold by <Noel> the bomber in Derphy. Weight 160s. Quest item. Town Achievement.
  • Bank Card - Purchased for real money. Lets you use ATM to store gold.
  • Maid Card - Trains an ally as a maid. <Jane> the maid can also train maids.
  • High Priest Mask - Event reward or get from <Cutie> Gods' Emissary (Truce Ground) in exchange for ore. Used as an offering at Mystic Lake to summon gods.
  • Special/Energy Rift Particles - Collected in event-only Rift dungeon. Used to buy event items or converted into Rift Particles.
  • Sand of Time hourglass - "Increases force of time for self". Use unknown. (May speed up offering at Mystic Lake?)
  • Stardust: Attempting to pick up a copy of an artifact you already own will cause it to turn into stardust, which can be used to increase enchantment level of any artifact by 1. Unlike enchant scrolls and blacksmith treatment, stardust can enchant beyond +10 (up to +15).
  • Figures have a chance of being dropped by a monster upon death. When they are displayed in a museum, the museum attracts visitors and generates a profit. Dupkicates can be sold in stores. Figures of named monsters and NPCs (the ones with <Name>) raise the museum's ranking by a significantly larger amount than regular monsters.
  • Cards, like figurines, have a chance of being dropped by NPCs upon death. They have no known use other then being collectable. See Traveler's Diary.

Rare Drops[]

  • Vanilla Rock - Red range weapon. Rare drop from Rock Thrower.
  • Ether Dagger - Red melee weapon. Short sword with power of thunder. Rare drop from <Lamneire> the Listener of wind.
  • Bow of Vinderre - Red ranged weapon. Bow that absorbs enemy stength. Rare drop from <Lomias> the Messenger.
  • Semi-auto Rifle - Red firearm. Rare drop from <Gilbert> the Carnel.
  • Huter's Axe - Red melee weapon. Rare drop from Mercenary Warrior.
  • Shena's Panty - Red ranged weapon. Rare drop from Noble (Northern Warrior).
  • Tightened String - Red Amulet that gives additional shots. Rare drop from Robber-Gang Killer.
  • Magnum - Red Waist. Rare drop from Jailor.
  • Beggar's Chain - Red Amulet. Prevents misfoutune. Rare drop from Beggar.
  • Red Crimson - Red waist. Protects against bleeding and burning. Rare drop from Blade, Blade Beta.
  • Strange Shell - Red amulet. Signals from god (Flavor text from your god). Rare drop from Hermit Crab.
  • Kumiromi's Secret EXP - Red Potion. Gives 1 Feat point. Void Space reward or rare drop from Fairy.
  • Blue Capsule Drag - Red potion. Recovers SP. Rare drop from Robber-Gang Thug and R-G Magician.
  • Stradivarius - Red instrument. Impoves performance rewards. Rare drop from Bards.
  • Scroll of Contingency - Orange scroll. Small chance to ignore DMG taken. Rare drop from Executioner and Reapers' Agent.
  • Mine - Trap. Rare drop from Mine Dog.
  • Book of Resurrection - Orange scroll. Resurrect an ally or NPC. Rare drop from Mummy, Lesser Mummy, Greater Mummy
  • Rabbit's Tail - Red food. Add a small amount of Luck EXP. Rare drop from Rabbit.
  • Happy Bed - Orange bed. Rare drop from Cupid of Love.

Event Only Items[]

New Years Event[]

  • Sticky Rice - Used to make Kagami Mochi. Give to <Sheena> in Vernis.
  • Kagami Mochi - Rice cakes, Traditional Japanese New Year food. Event item. Also a food item crafted in Mayne,
  • Shimenawa - A sacred ritual item. Traditional Japanese decoration made of rice straw rope.
  • Kadomatsu - Traditional Japanese New Years decoration.
  • Mochi Pounding Kit - Makes rice cakes.
  • Ritual Fireworks - Trade potion with <Noel> in Derphy.
  • Jure's Body Pillow - Gift from Goddess Jure. Use like a bed.

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