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Irma and Thalia's Workshop
You see Irma and Thalia's Workshop.
Region Lost Irva
Location (62,25)
Music mcMaid
Filename 10dwa.map

This hidden outdoor map is exclusive to the Elona+ mod of Elona. It is located in the middle eastern part of the Lost Irva continent, just six squares north of Rust Plaza. It's not marked by any icon on the world map, and becomes available only after completing the Beyond the generations Lv20 quest.

The two resident dwarven NPCs, Irma the indomitable smith and Thalia the star viewer, offer services related to Artifact fusion. Thalia can tell the hidden enchantment level of artifacts ranked "Miracle" or higher, while Irma can customize those artifacts by artifact fusion.

There is a piano and a fishing rod in this 28x16 square location.


  • Enchantment level identification
  • Artifact fusion

Notable NPCs[]

Small Medal Locations[]

This map has 2 Small Medals, as shown on the included map.