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I want it!
Have you seen [NPC]'s [item]? I want it! I want it! Get it for me by fair means of foul! I'll give you [###] gold pieces and ores.


Works much like the Birthday quest. The game does not keep track of where you actually got the item, so if you already have one, you can turn it in for the reward.

The NPC named in the posting will always have what the poster wants in their inventory. When you meet with the target NPC you will notice that you can trade with them, similar to how you can trade with adventurers. You can pickpocket or trade with the NPC to get the item. Because what the poster wants is usually very cheap, and because you do not need to leave the city or take any risk (unless you are stealing), this is usually a surprisingly easy quest. You can usually buy one unit of any alcohol or use any junk you have in your inventory to trade for the item.

If the NPC wants an uncooked form of a food item (e.g. strawberries, sack of flour), you can deliver the cooked version of the item to them and still complete the quest.

One warning for this quest: If the quest asks for a food item, and you deliver it after it has rotted, the client will eat the food and die, resulting in karma loss. You still get the reward for completing the quest, however.

As of version 1.14, even if you deliver the food before it rots, the food may still rot while the client is eating it. Citizens do not regularly change out their inventory, and frequently, all food they have is rotten unless they were killed and respawned just as you came in. It is best to avoid trading perishable food items from NPCs.

If you can leave town before the client can finish eating rotten food, it clears the quest-related client death from rotten food flag, and when you return, the client will simply "look glum" when they finish eating.