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Filthy creatures are spawning in a forest nearby this city. I'll give you [###] gold pieces and equipments if you get rid of them.


When you accept this quest, you will be transported to a wilderness area that will have at least 10 monsters. All of the monsters will be hostile (even when they would normally be neutral). The goal is to defeat all of them. When they are all killed, you can leave the area to finish and get your reward from the quest giver. The quest can be failed by leaving early or dying; if you die here, the normal death penalties are not applied and you re-spawn where you left off. Failing the quest will result in fame loss.

Hunting quests are notable as they always give equipment as an extra reward. Gold reward scales with difficulty, equipment seems to correlate with fame and luck. If you are lucky, you can even get static artifact, like the Bow of Vinderre.