A hex is a term that refers to a special kind of status change in Elona. Usually, they are referred to as a buff or debuff in other RPGs. They are similar to status effects in that they can be positive or negative, but have much more variation in terms of strength and duration. Although positive hexes are occasionally referred to as Blessings by the game, they are almost always referred to as a hex whether they are positive or negative.

Hexes are displayed in the character sheet of the character under the influence of the hex, and hexes on your own character are also displayed on the lower right part of the screen. Pets normally would need to be brought to the informer, have their info read when interacted with at the Doujou or fused with another pet via the gene machine. For other characters and enemies, wizard mode would have to be used to check their character sheets, however using the target key (*) allows you to check the remaining duration (but not the power) of hexes affecting any character by hovering the cursor on them. When bringing up the character sheet, the specific status of the hex is displayed under the Blessing and Hex section. To select a different hex to view, press the up or down arrow keys. Details on the selected hex will appear on the bottom of the character sheet, with the details listed below.

Hexes have a specific duration and power. These are both displayed on the character sheets, and the remaining duration of a hex on your character is displayed over the icon on the lower right part of your screen. When viewing a hex on your character sheet, the remaining duration (in turns) is displayed first, with the power of the hex displayed in parenthesis.

Hex power can often determine how effective the hex is, but also plays a part in determining how difficult the hex is to remove. Unlike a status effect, it may take multiple attempts to remove a hex, if you are able to remove it at all.

Information here on how the removals work apply mostly to Elona+.

Removing a hex can be done with the following:

  • Holy Light: Available as a spell or as a scroll of holy light or a scroll of holy rain. Attempts to remove a single hex at high power. The rod can be use on an adjacent single target, while the scroll and spell work on yourself and all visible pets as of Elona+ version 1.38.
  • Vanquish Hex: Available as a spell or as the rod of holy light. Attempts to remove all hexes at a reduced power level. The rod, while titled as holy light, attempts to remove more than one hex.

The non-spell versions are important if trying to remove a hex like Mist of Silence, which makes casting impossible.

Another blessing, Holy Veil, can prevent hexes from being inflicted upon the user by putting up a shield that attempts to resist them. It can be used as a spell or as a scroll.

In addition to the methods listed above, when you have enough favor with a god to pray, doing so will clear all inflicted hexes on your own character and give you a holy veil blessing as well.

Hex resistance[edit | edit source]

There are three major variables when it comes to resisting hexes: the spell power of the character who cast the hex, the magic resistance of the target of the hex, and the power of the Holy Veil buff, if the target is affected by Holy Veil.

For the player, Spell Power is [spell level]*10 + 50

For NPCs, Spell Power is [Casting Skill]*6 + 10

To determine whether a Hex lands, the game makes a series of checks. Every subsequent check overrides the previous ones.

The first check made by the game is rolling a random number between 0 and (2*SP + 99). If that number is higher than half of the target's Magic Resistance, the Hex sticks. Otherwise it fails.

The second checks whether the target's Magic Resistance is at least three times higher than the Hex's Spell Power. If it is, the hex is resisted -- this means that it is completely impossible to land a hex against a target with more than three times as much Magic Resistance as your Hex's Spell Power, but such situations are exceedingly rare.

The third one, on the flip side, checks whether your Hex's Spell Power is at least three times as high as the enemy's Magic Resistance. If it is, the first check is overridden and the Hex sticks.

Fourth is a check of the target's monster rank -- that is to say, whether the monster's name is surrounded by brackets such as <> or {}. If it is, then there is a 75% chance that the Hex will simply fail, overriding a positive from either the first or third check. If it doesn't fail, then the Hex's duration is reduced to 20%, with a minimum of 1 turn's duration.

Fifth is a fairly inconsequential check that determines whether you're trying to cast Death Word on a boss (name is surrounded by {}) monster. If you are, the Death Word fails.

Finally, the game checks for Holy Veil. Holy Veil has two different chances to block a Hex, based on its Power. The first checks whether Holy Veil's Power + 50 is at least 2.5 times greater than the Hex's Spell Power. If it is, the Hex fails. Otherwise, it rolls two random numbers: one between 0 and Holy Veil's Power +49, and one between 0 and the Hex's Spell Power. If Holy Veil's number is highest, the Hex fails. If the Hex's number is highest, the Hex goes through.

Hex Table[edit | edit source]

Elona basic hexes[edit | edit source]

The following hexes are shared between Elona and Elona+

Name Icon Effects Causes
Holy Shield[edit | edit source]
Hex 01 holy shield.png Increases PV by … /RES+ fear Holy Shield spell, Potion of Defender, Weapon invoke
Mist of Silence[edit | edit source]
Hex 02 mist of silence.png Inhibits casting Mist of Silence spell, Potion of Silence, Rod of Silence, Weapon invoke
Regeneration[edit | edit source]
Hex 03 regeneration.png Enhances regeneration Regeneration spell, Weapon invoke
Elemental Shield[edit | edit source]
Hex 04 elemental shield.png RES+ fire, cold, lightning Elemental Shield spell, Potion of Resistance
Speed[edit | edit source]
Hex 05 speed.png Increases speed by …

Speed spell, Rod of speed, Cheer special action, Weapon invoke

Slow[edit | edit source]
Hex 06 slow.png Decreases speed by … Slow spell, Potion of Slow, Rod of slow, Weapon invoke
Hero[edit | edit source]
Hex 07 hero.png Increases STR, DEX by … /RES+ fear, confusion Hero spell, Potion of Hero, Cheer special action, Weapon invoke
Mist of Frailness[edit | edit source]
Hex 08 mist of frailness.png Halves DV and PV Mist of Frailness spell, Potion of Weakness, Weapon invoke
Element Scar[edit | edit source]
Hex 09 element scar.png Res- fire, cold, lightning, and stop regeneration Element Scar spell, Potion of Weaken Resistance, Weapon invoke
Holy Veil[edit | edit source]
Hex 10 holy veil.png grants hex protection Holy Veil spell, Weapon invoke
Nightmare[edit | edit source]
Hex 11 nightmare.png RES- mind, nerve, nether, poison, sound, chaos, darkness Nightmare spell, Weapon invoke
Divine Wisdom[edit | edit source]
Hex 12 divine wisdom.png Increases LER, MAG by… literacy skill by … Divine Wisdom spell, Scroll of Knowledge, Weapon invoke
Punishment[edit | edit source]
Hex 13 punishment.png Decreases speed, PV, DV by … Switching gods when already worshiping a god (special action exists but is not used by any NPC)
Lulwy's Trick[edit | edit source]
Hex 14 lulwy's trick.png Increases speed Lulwy's Trick special action, Weapon invoke
Incognito[edit | edit source]
Hex 15 incognito.png Grants new identify Incognito spell, Scroll of Incognito, Disguise Kit
Death Word[edit | edit source]
Hex 16 death word.png Guaranteed death when the hex ends. Word of Death special action
Boost[edit | edit source]
Hex 17 boost.png Increases speed by …/Boosts physical attributes Boost special action
Contingency[edit | edit source]
Hex 18 contingency.png …% Chances taking a lethal damage heals you instead Contingency spell, Cheer special action, Scroll of Contingency (80%, 66 turns)
Luck[edit | edit source]
Hex 19 luck.png Increases luck by …

Random when eating blessed food (+100 700 turns), using the Statue of Ehekatl (+77 2500 turns), having a lucky dream (+777, 1500 turns)

Grow Strength[edit | edit source]
Hex 20 grow strength.png Increases the growth rate Strength by … Eating Raw equipment with "It maintains Strength" attribute
Grow Endurance[edit | edit source]
Hex 21 grow endurance.png Increases the growth rate Endurance by … Eating Raw equipment with the "It maintains Strength" attribute
Grow Dexterity[edit | edit source]
Hex 22 grow dexterity.png Increases the growth rate Dexterity by … Eating Raw equipment with the "It maintains Dexterity" attribute
Grow Perception[edit | edit source]
Hex 23 grow perception.png Increases the growth rate Perception by … Eating Raw equipment with the "It maintains Perception" attribute
Grow Learning[edit | edit source]
Hex 24 grow learning.png Increases the growth rate Learning by … Eating Raw equipment with the "It maintains Learning" attribute
Grow Will[edit | edit source]
Hex 25 grow will.png Increases the growth rate Will by … Eating Raw equipment with the "It maintains Will" attribute
Grow Magic[edit | edit source]
Hex 26 grow magic.png Increases the growth rate Magic by … Eating Raw equipment with the "It maintains Magic" attribute
Grow Charisma[edit | edit source]
Hex 27 grow charisma.png Increases the growth rate Charisma by … Eating Raw equipment with the "It maintains Charisma" attribute
Grow Speed[edit | edit source]
Hex 28 grow speed.png Increases the growth rate Speed by … Eating Raw equipment with the "It maintains Speed" attribute

Name Icon Changes New Causes
Holy Shield[edit | edit source]
Mist of Silence[edit | edit source]
Regeneration[edit | edit source]
Icon-regeneration.png Increases HP recovered and adds stamina regen
Attribution Shield[edit | edit source]
Icon-attributionshield.png Name change. RES+ fire, cold, lightning, mind, nerve, nether, poison, sound, chaos, darkness
Speed[edit | edit source]
Slow[edit | edit source]
Hero[edit | edit source]
Icon-hero.png high potion of wisdom
Mist of Frailness[edit | edit source]
Element Scar[edit | edit source]
Holy Veil[edit | edit source]
Nightmare[edit | edit source]
Divine Wisdom[edit | edit source]
Icon-divinewisdom.png high potion of wisdom
Punishment[edit | edit source]
Lulwy's Trick[edit | edit source]
Incognito[edit | edit source]
Death Word[edit | edit source]
Boost[edit | edit source]
Contingency[edit | edit source]
Luck[edit | edit source]
Grow Strength[edit | edit source]
Icon-growstrength.png Special steamed meat bun (Strength 20)
Grow Endurance[edit | edit source]
Icon-growendurance.png Special steamed meat bun (Strength 20), eating the <Zwiebel> (Strength 15)
Grow Dexterity[edit | edit source]
Icon-growdexterity.png Puff puff bread (Strength 40), eating the <Zwiebel> (Strength 15)
Grow Perception[edit | edit source]
Icon-growperception.png Puff puff bread (Strength 40), eating the <Zwiebel> (Strength 15)
Grow Learning[edit | edit source]
Icon-growlearning.png Putitoro (Strength 20)
Grow Will[edit | edit source]
Icon-growwill.png Mandrake salad (Strength 20)
Grow Magic[edit | edit source]
Icon-growmagic.png Mandrake salad (Strength 20)
Grow Charisma[edit | edit source]
Icon-growcharisma.png Putitoro (Strength 20)
Grow Speed[edit | edit source]

Hexes in Elona+[edit | edit source]

The following hexes are from Elona+ only.

Name Icon Effects Causes
ClearMind[edit | edit source]

Increases WIL, PER

Clear Mind special action
~30% increase for both. Swapped image with new Concentration hex in 1.38.
Super Regene[edit | edit source]

Enhances regeneration hard

Super Regene (20 turns),

Eating an abyss lunch (15 turns)

Increases Healing Skill by 2000, Unlike regeneration, it does not help stamina regen.

Feather[edit | edit source]
Icon-feather.png Increases DV by …/float, release from Gravity Feather spell, potion of feather
Charge[edit | edit source]
Icon-charge.png Once enlarge attack power ten times Charge special action (1 turn)
Works with melee, ranged attacks, spells, and special actions. Is not applied to the Meteor spell.
Emergency Evasion[edit | edit source]
Icon-emergencyevasion.png You evade critical attack during you wear light equipment Emergency Evasion special action (10 turns)
Does not cancel if armor weight is changed, but the effect does not work. Seems to only apply to normal criticals, not invokes.
Magic Equip[edit | edit source]
Icon-magicequip.png Increases magic power during you wear medium equipments Magic Equip special action (15 turns)
Increases magic power by 20%. Details on application are under spell power changes here. Does not cancel if armor weight is changed, but the effect does not work.
Super Armor[edit | edit source]
Icon-superarmor.png Decrease damage during you wear heavy equipments Super Armor special action (20 turns)
Does not cancel if armor weight is changed, but the effect does not work.
Attribute[edit | edit source]

Add attribute to martial

Attribute special action
Elemental damage added of the highest resistance of the character. Extra damage is only applied when using unarmed attacks.
AutoGuard[edit | edit source]
Icon-autoguard.png Take over the damage to ally Absolute protect special action (50 turns)
Needs info on whether user can survive past their HP limit and how status effects are applied.
Quick Use[edit | edit source]
Icon-quickuse.png Once per turn, can be used magical device without consumption a turn. Quick Use special action (30 turns)
Works with rods and potions. The application is technically applied before your turn, and won't function twice in a row. Removed in 1.92, replaced by Power Item.
Unlucky[edit | edit source]
Icon-unlucky.png decrease luck by 666.

Inflicted by <Sinaha>'s unknown special action (6666 turns)

Run Wildly[edit | edit source]
Icon-runwildly.png Increases STR, SPD Uncontroll special action (30 turns)
Increases Strength/Perception/Speed and decreases Dexterity/Learning/Will by 1/6 of the sum of base Dexterity/Learning/Will. Also makes the Uncontroll action behave like Swarm, except that it attacks everything adjacent to the user, even allies.
Retention[edit | edit source]
Icon-retention.png Prevent teleport/Increases speed/RES+ insane Space retention special action (30 turns)
Does not prevent own teleport. Speed increase seems to be around 15% of base.
Tag Force[edit | edit source]
Icon-tagforce.png Increased skill level/RES+ brainwash Tag Force special action
Concentration[edit | edit source]
Hex 43 concentration.png Increases PER, WIL by …/RES+ sleep, confusion Concentration spell, potion of concentration, high potion of wisdom
Form Shift (Alpha)[edit | edit source]
Icon-formshift-alpha.png Increases STR,PER,ReflectMagic Using an alpha shift core (200 turns)
Grants +20% and +5 Strength and Perception, and +40 magic reflection.
Form Shift (Beta)[edit | edit source]
Icon-formshift-beta.png Increases DEX,MAG,resistance to magic Using an beta shift core (200 turns)
Grants +20% and +5 Dexterity and Magic, and +120 Magic Resistance.
Form Shift (Delta)[edit | edit source]
Icon-formshift-delta.png Increases PV,heal magic/ImmuneDamage plus Using an delta shift core (200 turns)
Grants +20% and +5 Constitution, +20% and +50 PV, amplified healing, and adds 10% to the chance of completely nullifying damage.
Form Shift (Gamma)[edit | edit source]
Icon-formshift-gamma.png Increases speed/complicated body invalid Using an gamma shift core (200 turns)
Grants +20% and +50 Speed and DV, and immunity to speed reductions.
Final Shift[edit | edit source]
Icon-finalshift.png HPMP consumption/gauge diminishing invalid Using an omega shift core (150 turns)
Grants +20% and +5 Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Perception, Magic, and Speed, and +120 Magic Resistance, and also negates per-turn power gauge depletion. However, it decreases HP and MP by 1/150 each turn (minimum of 1 HP/MP lost per turn), but this effect won't kill you even if you go into negative HP.
Resolution Hand[edit | edit source]
Icon-resolutionhand.png Increases MAG,Add alchemy damage to Hand-skills Resolution Hand special action
Magic increases by 20% + 5. Touch type abilities increase in damage based off of Magic and Alchemy, and have a chance to instantly kill an ememy with less than 1/8 max HP, turning the enemy into materials. Added in 1.60.
Abyss in the eye[edit | edit source]
Icon-abyssintheye.png Enhance Eye of Mind,Add absorption to Eye-skills Abyss in the eye special action (40 turns)
Eye of mind increases by 20% + 10. 'Eye' type special actions deal additional damage and absorb HP & MP. Added in 1.61.
Shield Parry[edit | edit source]
Icon-shieldparry.png Parry and overturn the attacker during you equipped shield Shield Parry special action (40 turns)
Improves chance of evading physical attacks by (DV total of shields in equipped hands, barring tonfas/claws)%, wih a minimum of 0% and 15%, with successful evasions staggering the attacker. Added in 1.62.
Gravity Accel[edit | edit source]
Icon-gravityaccel.png Increases attack by 10% /Increases defense by 5% /Increases speed by 2% Gravity Accel special action
Added in 1.63.
Hyper Dash[edit | edit source]
Icon-hyperdash.png Run through and riding attack Hyper Dash special action (30 turns)
Added in 1.63.
Gem Power[edit | edit source]
Icon-gem.png Increases END,CHR by ../ RES+ paralyze,blind Gem spell, potion of gem, high potion of wisdom.
Added in 1.70.
Distracted[edit | edit source]
Icon-distracted.png Decreases PER,WIL,LER by 25%,decreases casting chance by 5% Having a tobacco dependence (200 turns)
Added in 1.73.
Melancholy[edit | edit source]
Icon-melancholy.png Skip turn with 20% chance,Power gauge diminishing Having a drug dependence (200 turns)
Added in 1.73.
Killing Dance[edit | edit source]
Icon-killingdance.png Avoidance chance add and counterattack Killing Dance special action (13 turns)
Added in 1.84.
Shooting Mode[edit | edit source]
Icon-shootingmode.png Enhance shooting by equipped skill/Immobility Fixity anchor (25 turns)
Applies an SP drain. In 1.88R, the accuracy multiplier was changed to 2x regardless of distance. As of 1.91, using the Fixity anchor again removes the buff, along with the immobility. Added in 1.87.
Disinfection[edit | edit source]
Icon-disinfection.png Partially invalidate reduction effect/RES+ poison Disinfectant (3000 turns)
Negates attribute debuffs from special actions Touch of Weakness, Formless Fetter, Aromageddon. Also prevents getting Poisoned. Added in 1.89.
Curse of Hunger[edit | edit source]
Icon-touchofhunger.png Increase hunger and thirst Being targeted by Touch of Hunger (100 turns)
Doubles loss of satiation and hydration per turn. Added in 1.90.
OverLimit-Throw[edit | edit source]
Icon-overlimitthrow.png Throwing reinforced with meditation/MP expend OverLimit-Throw special action (25 turns)
Regular attacks made by throwing items are buffed by the Meditaiton skill, but MP will be decreased by a Meditation skill-dependent amount per throw. Added in 1.92.
Power Item[edit | edit source]
Icon-quickuse.png Increase MagicDevice,Throw,Alchemy Power Item special action (30 turns)
Increases Alchemy, Throwing, Magic Device, Literacy levels by 1.1 plus some amount. Zapping, throwing, quaffing, using liquids on yourself, and reading increase the power guage. Added in 1.92, replacing Quick Use.
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