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Halloween is a time-specific random event added in Elona+ 1.38R.

During the 10th month (October), some of the random visitors to Your Home may be Halloween children.

I990-Jack lantern.png

Accepting their visit starts a dialog and you may choose either to "Trick" or to "Treat". Additional options may be available depending on which of the following item(s) you have in your inventory: caramel of termination, handmade chocolate, fortune cookie, romias, <Vernis Original>, acorn, chestnut, or api nut.[1]


  • Select any one of the item-giving options, and you will get a jack lantern in return, with the flavor text "Happy Halloween!".[2]
  • Selecting "Treat" leads to a karma loss of 2, with the flavor text "Guard! Guard! Guard!".
  • Selecting "Trick" results in several (20-24) molotov cocktails thrown inside your house, with the flavor text "Eat this!".[3]


  1. The acorn, chestnut, or api nut need to be baked first.
  2. The items will be taken from your inventory but won't be consumed by the children. This means that caramel of termination can be safely given away. Item type, cursed/blessed status don't affect the outcome.
  3. The resulting fires will be around the child, thus items in the area around the seat you designated for guests will be burned. It will also only affect the current floor, so you can safely store your important flammable items in the attic or basement, if they are not already made fireproof.

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