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There are two types of Guilds in Elona Mobile, the Class Guilds, Fighter, Thief and Mage. And the Player Guilds, where you join with other players and can do tasks and events with them for bonuses.

Class Guilds[]

There are three class guilds in the game. After joining a guild, you can enter its hideout and learn unique skills and enjoy guild perks. You have to complete a quest to join a guild. Currently, you can work on more than one guild entry quest at a time, but can only join one at a time. When you transfer, the ranking in the guild will be reset.

You can complete further quests to increase your rank in the guild. Increasing rank will give you a higher salary. At rank 5, you will get a secret quest from the guild master. At rank 1, you will get a unique piece of equipment.

  • Rank 1 Fighter's guild reward: Zantetsu – Red rarity long sword.
  • Rank 1 Thieve's guild reward: Black Feather – Red rarity short sword.
  • Rank 1 Mage's guild reward: Ice Crystal – Red rarity staff.

You can enter any guild and use their services without actually joining them, especially useful for learning guild exclusive skills. To do this, teleport, summon monsters or kill the guard standing over the stairs and then use a disguise set to safely interact with NPCs. The disguise's effect vanishes if you logoff, do not logoff inside if you are not a member.

Salary bonus, Rank & Title list:

Ranking Title Salary


100 Apprentice 0
92 Apprentice 1200
84 Apprentice 2400
76 Member Candidate 3600
68 Guild Member 4800
60 Guild Member 6000
52 Old Hand 7200
44 Expert 8400
35 Expert 9750
29 Area Manager 10650
24 Area Manager 11400
20 Area Manager 12000
17 Area Manager 12450
14 Candidate director 12900
12 Candidate director 13200
10 Guild Director 13500
8 ? 13800
6 Guild administrator 14100
5 Guildmaster Assistant 14250
4 Guildmaster Assistant 14400
2 Guildmaster Assistant 14700
1 Guildmaster Successor 30400

Fighters' Guild[]

The Fighters' guild is also called the Warriors' Guild. This is the easiest guild to join and rank up in and recommended for beginners.


You can find the fighters' guild headquarters in the top east corner of Port Kapul.

Joining and daily quests[]

The quest for this guild is to collect Soul marks, which can be obtained by killing any monster. As your guild status increases, the quota of Soul Marks you must collect increases. Start new quests and submit completed quests by talking to the Guild watchman <Doria> outside the entrance to the headquarters.

Guild Skills[]

The fighters' guild is the only place to learn warrior based skills.

  • Two-hand
  • Duel Wield
  • Marksman
  • Eye of Mind
  • Detection

Guild Perks[]

  • Half-price on Identify Services
  • Half-Price on Healer Services

Thieves' Guild[]

In this guild you can learn thief based skills. You can trade items even if your karma is low. Shop at two black-market shops. A player needs high Invest and Pickpocket skills to take full advantage of this guild.


You can find the thieves' guild headquarter in the town of Derphy.

Joining and daily quests[]

The quest for joining is to collect four unpaid tax bills. The quest requires you to sell a certain amount of stolen items. Hint: You can steal multiple black crystals and then use a Change Material scroll on the stack to increase the sell price.

Guild Skills[]

The thieves' guild is the only place to learn rogue based skills.

  • Pickpocket
  • Shadow Mastery

Guild Perks[]

  • Access to two additional black market vendors.
  • Discounts at black market and higher sale of stolen goods.

Mages' Guild[]

This guild provides you with mage skills and a lot of magic books, which can be used to learn new magic spells and to increase the potential of already learned magic spells. Recommended for magic-based characters. Start stockpiling books early in the game, even if you can't read them yet, so you will have enough for this guild's quests.


You can find the Mages' guild headquarters on the left side of the town of Lumiest.

Joining and daily quests[]

The quest for joining is to submit unlocked books worth 30 points. Each book type has a different point value. Submit unlocked books in the box next to the Guild watchman <Lexus>. [Info needed on quest rewards.]

Guild Skills[]

The mages' guild is the only place to learn some magic based skills.

  • Barrier
  • Element Channel
  • Magic Capacity
  • Necromancy
  • Mind Control
  • Memorize

Guild Perks[]

  • Discount on items in Magic Shops.
  • Access to the Spellbooks vendor and an extra Magic vendor.

Social Guild[]

Joining a guild[]

You can join a guild at level 5. You can create your own guild or join a guild from guild icon in your 'phone' menu. The Elona Mobile Discord Server has a channel for Guild recruitment.

Build a Guild Camp[]

After joining a guild, a deed will be sent to your inbox. If you lose it, you can get a replacement sent by talking to the Ambassador (Clown NPC) in the Embassy. Pick a location on the main map, and read the deed to build your guild camp.

At the Guild Camp you can:

  1. Make daily supply donations.
  2. Exchange contribution points for support tickets.
  3. Claim expedition and support rewards.
  4. Leave the guild by talking to the robot butler.

Guild contributions[]

Talk to the Guild Secretary <Phoebe> in the Guild camp to donate contribution daily. You can donate 10 items in each category.

Why donate?[]

  1. It may be a membership requirement. If you don't donate regularly, the guild admins may kick you out.
  2. Contribution give your guild resources they can turn into powerful buffs and benefits for all members including you.
  3. Guilds use contribution to increase Guild Level, which increases maximum membership, maximum research level for guild bonuses, and raises the power of the daily rituals. Guild bonuses give permanent HP buffs for each rank activated.

What to donate?[]

The preferred donation is purple rarity for equipment, scrolls and potions and level +6 for food. Lower level donation give your guild funds but not stocks, and guilds have a much higher need for stocks.

Watch an ad – This will give the guild resources and gold and you get an additional +200 contribution points.

Equipment – The easiest place to get purple equipment is from blackmarket vendors and wandering vendors.

Scrolls – Purple scrolls are easy to find in magic vendors, especially if you invest into them. You can start crafting purple scrolls at Jeweler Level 25 (Scroll of Holy Veil) using the Jewel Tool found in random dungeons.

Potions – As with scrolls, purple potions are easy to find in magic vendors. You can start crafting purple potions at Alchemy Level 25 (Potion of Healer (Odina)) using the Alchemy Tool.

Food – Preferred donation cooked food of rank 7+, you can cook rank 7 food on Food Processor, Food Maker, Oven or Barbecue Set. You can find a food processor in Palmia or check the vendors in Cyber Dome to try and buy one.

Guild Menu[]

You interact with your guild in two places. At the Guild Camp and through the guild icon on your phone menu.

  • Guild List – A list of your fellow team member. You can also see when they last logged on, as well as total and weekly contribution. You can send friend requests and set expedition support target.
  • Blessing of God – After the guild leaders have activated Ritual you can obtain the temporary God's Blessing buff here by spending contribution points or watching ads. Every day features a different God's Blessing. This ritual is very expensive for the guild, so don't expect it to be active often.
  • Guild Boost/Bonus – A Guild boost must by researched by a Guild leader or official with “Research Authority”. Unlocking for the player uses gold and contribution points to unlock HP bonus for each race group. The Guild's rank limits the maximum research level, which in turn limits the player's maximum level. Be sure to unlock as many boosts as you can as they become available. If you change to a new guild, you will not lose any boost you have already unlocked.
  • Traveling – You can 'Travel' with your guild multiply times a day, but you only get a reward once. Traveling give you a traveling gift (which has meat and a small medal), some guild contribution and gold.
  • Expedition Support – You can support yourself and other members on an expedition to help them defeat expedition bosses. You can put in up to 20 support tickets per expedition.
  • Expedition Report – In this tab you can see which team members fought which expedition boss and their high score. If you Support them and they win, you get a share of the reward.

Guild Boosts/ Bonuses[]

A permanent HP buff. Your guild can use your contributions to research HP buff for each Race. Research levels can not exceed the the guild's own level. Once a Race has been research, you must activate each buff in the Guild Bonus tab with a small fee of gold and contribution points.


Support Tickets[]

Get Support tickets from Guild Secretary <Phoebe>, 1000 contribution points = 1 support ticket, as well as from traveling with the guild every day.

Expedition Boss Fight[]

During a week every month, the expedition will be open.

Your guild leader will be able to chose a world to challenge, that will decide how hard the bosses are and how big the rewards are.

The only thing that maters for the rewards are your highest score, harder bosses are worth more points.

Other Guild Activities[]

  • Guild members can be appointed to positions such as leader, deputy leader and official.
  • Guild members can impeach the guild leader if they have been offline too long.