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Guild Quest
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The guild master told me to assassinate the master of either of the other two guilds.
Quest giver Fray the fighter guildmaster
Sin the thief guildmaster
Revlus the mage guildmaster
Location Fighters' Guild
Thieves' Guild
Mages' Guild
Rec. level 40
Requirements Guild Rank 5 or higher
Task Slay a rival guildmaster
Reward Flame Edge (from Fray)
Wooden horse (from Sin)
Book of Bokonon (from Revlus)
4 small medals
4 platinum coins

Guild Quest Lv40

This quest is available in the Elona+ mod of Elona.

From: Fray the fighter guildmaster in Port Kapul, Sin the thief guildmaster in Derphy, or Revlus the mage guildmaster in Lumiest.

Reward: The <Flame Edge> for the Fighters' guild. The wooden horse for the Thieves' guild. The Book of Bokonon for the Mages' guild. You also receive 4 small medals and 4 platinum coins.

Description: The guildmaster has deemed you skilled enough to be trusted with a top-priority mission: defeat the master of a rival guild. Such feat will bring prestige to both your guild and yourself.

Journal updates[]

  • Quest accepted: The guild master told me to assassinate the master of either of the other two guilds.
  • Quest completed: I have to visit the master of the guild that I belong to report.


The complicated part is getting to Guild Rank 5 in the first place; see the guild pages for information on that.

The guildmasters have predictable attack patterns for their classes. Fray will simply rush into melee, Sin will spam the Suspicious hand special action while occasionally stopping to attack in melee, and Revlus will teleport around pelting the player with spells like Magic Dart and Lightning Bolt.

Out of the three, Sin is the easiest to kill; simply wear equipment with the "It protects you from thieves" attribute to avoid his annoying stealing and keep damaging him, he'll die soon enough. For Fray, either have enough PV/DV to fight her in melee or try to keep your distance with Teleport and pelt her with ranged attacks or spells. It's better to avoid Revlus altogether, since his spells can deal huge damage to players without the proper resistances, he's surprisingly hardy for a mage, plus you'll have to deal with the swarm of mages in the guild throwing spells from all sides (unless you use Incognito or a disguise kit).

If you're with the Fighters' Guild, try to take on this quest as soon as possible, and target Sin; the <Flame Edge> can be a great weapon for Long Sword users. As for members of the Thieves' Guild and Mages' Guild, feel free to take your time on either quest, as both respective rewards aren't very valuable or useful.