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Gravity Valley in the world map.

The Gravity Valley is a 90-level dungeon located west of Eirel - less specifically, in South Tyris, and is a dungeon exclusive to the Elona+ mod.

If you're around level 70 the monsters don't pose any threat at all, but the final boss can be hard-ish to beat. The dungeons levels seems to be randomly generated, except for the 7th final floor, where <Graveed> the gravity valley resides.

The Gravity Valley as it appears in the map editor.

Until Graveed is killed, the message "Nefia generated gravity!" will appear in ALL the dungeon levels repeatedly, and the PC will be inflicted with the Gravity status. Fortunately, the Gravity does not seems to stack. Graveed is, though, somewhat dangerous - he has the Smash Ground special action and can attack from distance.

Graveed will drop his card, figurine, his corpse and the <Gravitail> upon defeat.