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Golems are creatures that are slow and tough to kill; their damage-dealing ability is less impressive, thankfully. All golems are the same, their higher-level versions are stronger, tougher and a bit faster than lesser ones.

Types of golems[]

Wooden golem[]

This is an enemy that you should first start seeing around level 15. Don't be scared off by the size of their sprites. They attack using martial arts (punching) and have above average health.

Stone golem[]

Level 19 golem.

Steel golem[]

Should start appearing around level 20, but you may encounter them at the arena before you encounter them randomly. Unless you have a heavy weapon or high strength, or the weapon has magical properties, they will tend to regenerate faster than you hurt them. It is a good idea to keep a shuriken around to bleed them out, as well as be speedy in general. Eye of Mind will also greatly help. They don't do too much damage to a properly armored character but their criticals are nasty.

They are level 25.

Gold golem[]

Even tougher versions of the golem that may actually do enough damage to you to raise your eyebrow a little. Against a well-armored character, however, they are nothing but a test of patience.

Mithril golem[]

Extremely tough golems. Take one gold golem and increase its stats, and there you go. If I meet Adamantium Golems next I'm turning it into a silver cat.

29th Level

Sky golem[]

Just how many kinds of golems are there really?

Adamantium golem[]

Yep, they're real. And unlike others, their damage-dealing IS impressive. Wasn't even able to test change creature, two hit KO with 326 health, 120PV, 107 speed. (failed to use wand properly after seeing how much damage I took, must have freaked my character out) Damage seems comparable to that of a nether dragon, though due to its fortress-like defense it will defeat one. Perhaps they have adamantium claws as well? Luckily there doesn't seem to be an emerald golem anywhere or you'd have a particularly nasty case of mistaken identity.--Leo Krupps 20:37, 25 February 2009 (UTC)