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This is a new game mechanic that applies to the Elona+ mod of Elona. Elona+ adds many new monsters, some of which use different god-type races that didn't appear as hostile NPCs in normal Elona. These characters have very high stats, and presumably could outpace any other pet of a similar level if recruited. So, the recruited ally has a penalty applied to its stats. This applies to any known recruiting method, and includes monster balls, Domination spells or rods, and the Astral Light Pen.

Affected races[]

The penalty applies to the following races:

Result of the penalty[]

How hard the NPC gets penalized depends on how strong they are. For starters, their level is halved, rounded down. Stats that are higher than 50 are reduced to 1/5th of their initial value, with a minimum of 50. However, the stats regain some growth potential. All skills are reduced to half of their original value, with a maximum of 200.

In older versions, the penalty was slightly harsher at 1/6th the initial stat values.