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God's Treasures are unique items that buff the main character. You can only have one of each.

You can tell an item is a God's Treasure if the description has a quote from "The world According to the Gods".

God's Treasures are rewards from Arena of Gods and a single God's Treasure can be purchased in the Badge Shop each event cycle. Past Treasures can be purchased from the Treasure Shop with Golden Apples.

Upgrade Treasures using God's Marks and Treasure Shards. God's Marks can be purchased from the Wealth Trove, Wishing Well, Badge Shop and Treasure Shop.

  • Ready Player Two - Increases max RES from food by 200 and up to 2000.
  • Jure's Jade - Increases Will and Recovery by 8 up to 33.
  • God's Number - Increases monster-killing EXP for main character by 10% and up to 25%.
  • Black Stele - Increases EXP and coins obtained from resetting a Nefia Covenant by 8% and up to 35%.
  • Lulwy's Candle - Increases special ally's Reproduction by 23 and up to 150.
  • Netherworld Contract - Increases newly granted equipment's enchantment cap by 20% and up to 100%.
  • Auspicious - Obtain 35 pieces of Kissho Ruyi. Increases the elemental absorption ability of converting part of the elemental DMG into healing by 4% and up to 20%
  • Phalanx of Opatos - First Defeat Reward for Opatos in the Arena of the Gods. Strength increases +8 up to +25.
  • Kintoun - From Gods of Goods event. Increases speed by 3% up to 15%.
  • Life Source Cube - All allies get a bonus. +8% up to +50%.
  • Odina's Kamado - Increases the experience bonus of 6 main abilities that increase the nutrition of cooked food. +50% up to +350%.
  • 10 Million Beckoning Cats - Experience points and old coins earned when the agreement is reset. +8% up to +54%.
  • Stabilizing Crystal - Increases resistance to AoE Magic. 2.5% up to 12,5%.
  • Surging Mana - Unlocks the max Magic Power increase limit. 58% up to 100%.