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Goblins are for the most part exactly like Yeeks, with many different classes that range from low-level to high-level.

Types of Goblin[]


Just like a Yeek. Basic melee attacker with low HP. Dies very easily. Low-level encounter.

Goblin Warrior[]

Beefed-up version of the Goblin. Has several times more armor than the regular Goblin. Still quite easy to kill.

Goblin Shaman[]

Goblin Shamans are almost as annoying as Yeek Archers. They have a fire bolt that will destroy your items, as well as burn the square you're standing on, forcing you to move. They can also curse your equipment.

Goblin Wizard[]

Another spell caster of the goblin family. They have the ice bolt ability, that will destroy unprotected potions, and cure minor wounds ability. Not as much of a nuisance as the Goblin shaman, unless you cannot out damage their heal.