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Ghosts are undead monsters with relatively high evasion, but low HP. Eating their corpses or any cooked variations thereof improves your Will. They have very low breeding power.

Types of Ghost[]


Ghosts have two primary attacks. The first is a touch attack that lowers a stat at random, until you have it restored by a potion or by a healer. The second is a touch attack that fears your character, preventing you from taking any offensive actions for several rounds while other monsters beat on you.


Nymphs are Ghosts with three additional attacks - the Cold Breath special action, ice bolts, and the Touch of Sleep special action.. Needless to say, Nymphs are very deadly monsters, not because they will kill you, but because while you are asleep other monsters can do the job. If you fall asleep, the first blow that lands on you will wake you up, but you can still be surrounded by monsters while you dozed off.


Shades are a unique type of enemy because instead of having their own set of abilities, they use the powers of other monsters. Because of this, Shades are very unpredictable: until you actually begin to fight you have no idea if they're going to split upon damage, charge you and explode, if they're going to spew lightning breath, and so on. If they drop a museum figure, the figure will have the image of a Shade but the name of the monster that they were shadowing.