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(random name) the fox brother
Level 1 Male Catsister Wizard
Str: 7(Good) Con: 5(Superb) Dex: 14(Superb)
Per: 21(Superb) Lea: 11(Superb) Wil: 18(Superb)
Mag: 24(Superb) Cha: 25(Superb)
Life: 30 Mana: 100 Speed: 204
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Tactics: 4 (120%)
Two Hand: 6 (130%)
Healing: 4 (120%)
Shield: 3 (115%)
Heavy Armor: 4 (120%)
Medium Armor: 4 (120%)
Light Armor: 8 (190%)
Evasion: 4 (120%)
Stealth: 4 (120%)
Literacy: 6 (130%)
Memorization: 3 (115%)
Alchemy: 4 (120%)
Magic Capacity: 6 (130%)
Faith: 4 (120%)
Meditation: 4 (120%)
Casting: 5 (125%)
Magic Device: 5 (125%)

Long Sword: 4 (120%)
Axe: 4 (120%)
Martial Arts: 8 (190%)
Scythe: 4 (120%)
Blunt: 4 (120%)
Polearm: 4 (120%)
Stave: 7 (185%)
Short Sword: 6 (180%)
Bow: 4 (120%)
Crossbow: 4 (120%)
Throwing: 4 (120%)
Firearm: 4 (120%)


Fire: No Resist
Cold: No Resist
Lightning: No Resist
Darkness: No Resist
Mind: No Resist
Poison: No Resist

Nether: No Resist
Sound: No Resist
Nerve: No Resist
Chaos: No Resist
Magic: No Resist

Fox brothers only appear in the Elona+ version of Elona. Their names will appear as "(random name) the fox brother". As would be implied by their name, they seem to only be generated as male.

They only rarely appear after a mysterious diary is read. The diary creates them as a neutral monster. The chance for a fox brother to spawn is still low, but seems higher than the chance of any other particular monster. Since they are neutral, they will need to be captured with a monster ball or by domination. As of Elona+ 1.69, they will appear every 12th mysterious diary read.

He will attack with magic from a distance, but if his target is very close he will make little effort to put distance between them. This combined with his low life score can be a problem. He can cast Mind Bolt, Magic Dart, Raging Roar, Nightmare and Divine Wisdom spells and uses the Touch of Sleep special action. For his starting level, his actual abilities are very good. If he could be evolved, some life stat boosts would make him a pretty good pet provided you wanted to put in the time to raise him.

Since he doesn't have the Control Magic skill, his spells always hit you and your other allies without gene engineering. 

Gene Engineering is by far the fastest way to make this character useful. Gene engineering higher-level monsters (and especially monsters that will teach Control Magic, like Norlands you buy from the Slave Trader) can be used to instantly advance a fox brother many levels, and even leap forward in skill ranks.

The doujou is another option for leveling a pet fox brother up, although it will cost far more money and time unless they are already leveled higher than any ranched creature you have.


Fox brothers have two paths of evolution. They can either evolve into a Fire Fox brother or Nine-tailed Fox brother.

Path A[]


Fox brothers can be evolved into a Fire Fox brother with an <another heart>, 20 speed, 20 life, Megid Flame special action, Normal fire resistance bonus, and a new sprite.

Path B[]


Fox brothers can be evolved into a Nine-tailed Fox brother with a <magic heart>, 25 magic, 30 life, 20 speed, and a new sprite.



  • cardfox creates a card of fox brother.
  • figurefox creates a figurine of fox brother.


The sprite number for fox brothers is 581.