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The Fort is located south of Arcbelc

The Fort of Chaos <Weapons> is an optional Dungeon Level: 666, one-level dungeon exclusive to the Elona+ mod. It's located in South Tyris, south of Arcbelc. The Fort is essentially one long corridor with a large room at the end housing a single boss: <Yerleswood> the savage machine

Like his North Tyris counterpart, Yerleswood wields an unique weapon: the Pile Driver, which makes his melee attacks extremely powerful. He will extremely rarely (2%) attempt to move into melee combat before attacking. His attacks consist of melee attacks with the <Pile Driver> or throwing his ranged weapon if not adjacent (55.2%), Shadow Step (36.8%), and Boost (8%).

He also has has the cArmour bit flag, reducing physical damage by 75%. See Yerleswood's page for more information.

While the Dungeon Level appears as 666, this is mostly cosmetic. Level-wise it's around 200~210.

A <machine heart> is guaranteed to spawn here as reward for slaying Yerleswood.


  • The <Pile Driver> (equipped by Yerleswood)
  • <machine heart> (rewarded after slaying Yerleswood)
  • 2 artifact seeds (rewarded after slaying Yerleswood)
  • 3 bejeweled chests
  • 5 small medals
  • Assorted furniture (mostly fancy lamps and pentagrams, have to be stolen)
  • Assorted skeletons and bone fragments (have to be stolen)