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The Fort is located in the far northeast of South Tyris, next to the Mountain Pass and Ancient Garden

The Fort of Chaos <Hell> is an optional Danger Level: 666, one-level dungeon exclusive to the Elona+ mod. It's located in South Tyris, at the far northeast of the map, next to the Mountain Pass and Ancient Garden. The Fort is essentially one long corridor with a large room at the end housing a single boss: <Ulzassil> the dead emperor.

Unlike his North Tyris counterpart, Ulzassil wields an unique weapon: the Vital Flayer, which amplifies his magic prowess by a huge amount (1.8x). He uses a typical "liching" strategy (teleports around the map while attacking with magic). His attacks include: Dark Bolt, Mist of Silence, Ice Breath, Eye of Brainwashing, Nightmare, and Chaos Ball. He may have other attacks or buffs. For more information, see Ulzassil's page.

While the Danger Level appears as 666, this is mostly cosmetic. Level-wise, it's around 200~210.

A <magic heart> is guaranteed to spawn here as reward for slaying Ulzassil.


  • The <Vital Flayer> (equipped by Ulzassil)
  • <magic heart> (rewarded after slaying Ulzassil)