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The Fort is located west from The Truce Ground and north of the Crypt of the Damned

The Fort of Chaos <Collapsed> is an optional Danger Level: 666, one-level dungeon northwest of Palmia. The Fort is essentially one long corridor with a large room at the end housing a single boss: <Azzrssil> the impure.

As a Lich, he uses the typical strategy associated with the race (teleport around the map while attacking with magic from afar). While Azzrssil has powerful magic, he can be rendered weaker without much trouble. He attacks mostly with Ice Bolt, so stack your resistance to ice to superb and potions/rods of silence should make him unable to attack (only in vanilla Elona, Elona+ bosses have excellent resistance to hexes). More info in Azzrssil's page.

While the Danger Level appears as 666, this is mostly cosmetic. Level-wise, it's around 80~85, and exploiting the Danger Level for bejeweled chests is not recommended, as it registers the dungeon as level 25 for treasure. (vanilla Elona)

A <magic heart> is guaranteed to spawn here as reward for slaying Azzrssil. (Elona+ only)


  • <magic heart> (reward for killing Azzrssil, Elona+ only)
  • 2 artifact seeds (reward for killing Azzrssil)
  • Assorted equipment of decent-to-poor quality (equipped by Azzrssil)
  • 3 bejeweled chests
  • 3 small medals
  • Assorted furniture (mostly fancy lamps and pentagrams, have to be stolen)
  • Assorted skeletons and bone fragments. (have to be stolen)