This item is found in the Elona+ mod of Elona. Eating it allows you to change a character's gender or sex, depending on the blessed/uncursed/cursed status of the meat. This is primarily cosmetic, and does not change the feats or anything else associated with the character. It is consumed after use.

  • If blessed, the meat will completely change the consumer's sex to male or female.
  • Normal ones will change the consumer's gender into a 'would-be male' or 'would-be female'. This is not accurately reflected in the English version.
  • However, cursed meat can change you to 'bisexual' (a hermaphrodite) or 'None' (sexless).

Using it to change the sex/gender of a pet for certain gender-specific evolutions was patched to work again in version 1.20. Females, males who refer to themselves as female gender ('would-be female'), and hermaphrodites, will follow the female evolution. Males, females who refer to themselves as male gender ('would-be male'), and sexless, will follow the male evolution. The difference between uncursed and blessed meat is not accurately represented in the English translation. It may be observable in the portraits available for selection after consumption, but this needs more research.

Before the 1.19 patch, blessing meat did not change the effect.

It can be crafted through use of a Pot of Fusion or a pot of alchemist. The recipe is available from the start. It appears on the list as Recipe of Sex Change. It requires one book of mutation, any kind of monster corpse, and one book of resurrection. The description says that it takes 30 turns and 3 hours to complete. It requires 15 in both Gene Engineer and Alchemy skills.

It is also a reward for completing part of the main quest of Elona+.

The sprite for the forbidden meat is in a 196 (Row 5, Column 31). It is the same sprite as any untinted corpse.

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