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The <Flame Edge> (a fire sword when unidentified), is a unique long sword found in the Elona+ mod of Elona, It has a unique appearance. It can be obtained by completing the Fighter's Guild part of the Guild Quest Level 40, which is available from <Fray> the fighter guildmaster after you reach rank 5 or higher.


It weighs 8.9s
Item-basic.gif It is made of rubynus.
Item-basic.gif It is acidproof.
Item-basic.gif It is fireproof.
Item-basic.gif It is precious.
Item-weapon.gif It can be wielded as a weapon. (3d10 Pierce 0%)
Item-weapon.gif It is a heavy weapon.
Item-weapon.gif It modifies hit bonus by -5 and damage bonus by 20.
Item-special.gif It deals fire damage. [#####+] (900)
Item-skill.gif It improves your Two Hand skill. [##] (+7)
Item-resist.gif It grants your resistance to fire. [#####+] (+250)
Item-stat.gif It increases your Life by 3.
Item-special.gif It inflicts massive damage to undeads. [#####+] (800)
Note: attributes may vary depending on luck.




A large sword said to be born of a flame god. Its holy flames incinerate and purify the undead.

~Irva Fantasy Encyclopedia~


The item sprite ID for <Flame Edge> is 736 (Row 22, Column 10) using the item sprite zero-based position system.