Elona Wiki

SP Cost: 12

This is a feat that can be picked at any time without any requirements. It shoots a large, conical blast of fire in one direction. The Fire Breath will also destroy non-fireproof items, both on the ground and on your opponents. Fire Breath will also cook foodstuffs on any tiles it strikes, which is useful when you're running out of rations.

Tests were done involving leveling up constitution to see how it progressed and the results are posted below.

Its damage goes up 1 die for every 15 points of constitution and its modifier goes up by +1 every 8 points of constitution.

Damage Constitution
1d8+0 1
1d8+1 8
2d8+1 15
2d8+2 16
2d8+3 24
3d8+3 30
3d8+4 32
3d8+5 40
4d8+5 45
4d8+6 48
4d8+7 56
5d8+7 60
5d8+8 64
5d8+9 72
6d8+9 75