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Figures and cards have a chance of being dropped by a monster upon death. When they are displayed in a museum (drop one per tile), the museum attracts visitors and generates a profit. They are not sold in stores. Figures of named monsters and NPCs (the ones with <Name>) raise the museum's ranking by a significantly larger amount than regular monsters.

When wishing for 'figure*name*', if the game can't reference an NPC in the wish, you'll end up with a '@' signed figurine.

Dyeing figures will change their image into that of a preset (non-random) adventurer. Each color results in a different image. Cursed/blessed dye status has no effect on the outcome.

Named Figures[]

Most named NPCs will always drop their figures and cards upon death; this includes dungeon bosses, but excludes the chess pieces, which never drop them.

Name Location NPC Level
<@> The Void 92
<Abyss> the thief watchman Derphy 38
<Ainc> the novice knight Yowyn 7
<Arnord> the injured soldier Port Kapul 15
<Balzak> the janiator Lumiest 10
<Big daddy> Random* 30
<Cacy> the cat tamer Cat House (quest) 25
<Conery> Palmian major general Palmia 38
<Corgon> the steel dragon Tower of Fire 16
<Doria> the fighter watchman Port Kapul 38
<Dungeon cleaner> Vernis 20
<Ebon> the fire giant Noyel 80
<Erystia> the scholar of history Palmia 10
<Fray> the fighter guildmaster Port Kapul 55
<Garokk> the legendary smith Miral and Garok's workshop 45
<Gilbert> the carnel Yowyn 45
<Goda> the captain of orc Random* 1
<Gwen> the innocent Yowyn 1
<Icolle> the biologist Port Kapul 15
<Isca> the fallen angel Random* 42
<Issizzle> the dark abomination Crypt of the Damned 28
<Karam> the lonely wolf of Karune Lesimas 10
<Larnneire> the listener of wind Your Cave 20
<Lexus> the guild watchman Lumiest 38
Pael's mom <Lily> Noyel 15
Pael's mom <Lily> (Mutated) Noyel 15
<Little Sister> Random* 1
<Lomias> the messenger from Vindale Your Cave 20
<Loyter> crimson of Zanan Vernis 50
<Mad scientist> Random* 6
<Marks> the great thief Derphy 25
<Mia> the cat freak Palmia 4
<Miches> the apprentice Vernis 20
<Miral> the legendary smith Miral and Garok's workshop 45
<Moyer> the crooked** Noyel 10
<Noel> the bomber Derphy 20
<Orphe> the chaos child Lesimas 20
Lonely <Pael> Noyel 10
<Poppy> the little dog Vernis 1
<Quruiza> the red-eyed Deceiver Tower of Fire 24
<Raphael> the womanizer Port Kapul 10
<Renton> the suffering wizard Lumiest 45
<Revlus> the mage guildmaster Lumiest 55
<Rilian> the dog lover Vernis 4
<Shena> the draw Vernis 20
<Sin> the thief guildmaster Derphy 55
<Slan> the shadow of Palmia Lesimas 10
<Stersha> the queen of Palmia Palmia 25
<Strange scientist> Cyber Dome 15
<Tam> the cat hater Yowyn 5
<Tuwen> the master of the pyramid Pyramid 28
<Ungaga> the minotaur king Minotaur's Nest 31
<Vesda> The Fire Dragon Dragon's Nest 25
<Whom dwell in the vanity> Vernis 78
<Wynan> the lord of the Ancient Castle Ancient Castle 25
<Xabi> the king of Palmia Palmia 35
<Zeome> the false prophet Lesimas 55

(*) Can randomly appear in level-appropriate dungeons or wilderness areas.

(**)Is not guaranteed to drop everything, including card, figurine and corpse, as of Elona+ 1.85. This is because he is NOT actually a unique NPC, but if he's removed someone will probably end up returning him.

Several of the above NPCs can also appear in Party Time! sub-quests or as the boss of The Void.