Noyel fest.png
The Festival of Jure as it appears in the map editor.

In version 1.16-xmas and later, the Festival of Jure, a.k.a. the Holy Night Festival, is held in Noyel during December of each year. During the festival there is:

  • Lots of bards.
  • More vendors:
    • Food vendors.
    • "Souvenir" vendors like those found in Larna.
    • Street vendors who sell festival wreaths, new year's decorations, and most notably upstairs and downstairs which you can drop in Your Home to gain extra stories, thus multiplying the item storage capacity of your house. The stairs cost around 150,000 gold pieces each, ignoring quality and material modifiers, since these stairs are furniture.
  • Prostitutes, which are normally only found in Derphy.
  • Near the center of town will be a fanatic of a god other than Jure, tied up in a sand bag. You can interact with him and release him to get the sand bag for free.
  • Various non-speaking NPCs, like Holy beasts, Festival tourists, and Jure fanatics.
  • You can convert to Jure without the usual penalty for abandoning your own god, and get Jure's body pillow by talking to the part time worker NPC.
  • You can recruit the <Kaneda Bike> NPC by giving it three blue capsule drags[sic].


When the festival starts and ends, the church's altar and the citizens get reset to neutral.

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