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The Feats page in your Inventory has two types of information, your passive effects such as mutations or ether diseases and the Feats Points skill tree.

Feat Points Tree[]

Earn Feat Points by raising character level. +1 feat point every 5 levels, up to level 40.

You can eat Kumiromi's secret for +1 feat point, these rarely drop from fairies or are given as a quest reward, you can use a max of 1 every 5 character levels.

Trait list[]

Ether Diseases[]

Check Ether Disease (Mobile)


These effects come from the race or class.

  • Accurate Casting: Magic Hit and success rate is increased by 5%.
  • Advanced Exploration: Gather more items from gathering points.
  • A Lifter: Greatly increases inventory capacity. (Innate to God Pet Golden Knight)
  • Assault: Increases chance to trigger additional hits.
  • Breakthrough: Has a chance to penetrate the whole defense.
  • Captive Creature: Creatures born on the ranch are weaker than those in the wild and cannot perform Potential swap.
  • Darkness Adaptation: Dark RES +2 each level.
  • Diligent: 2 additional skill points upon upgrade.
  • Ether Physique: The Ether Disease symptom is not getting worse.
  • Fatal Strike: Sneak attack brings a higher chance of dealing Crit damage.
  • Float: You float. Helps you avoid traps. (Same effect as with wearing wings.)
  • Good at Running: Speed +50
  • Good Nutrition: Ally needs to eat less often.
  • Happy Nature: Throwing a Love Potion has a chance to make the character lay eggs.
  • Irritable
  • Nature's Favor: Nature Res +3 each level.
  • Rebirth: May resurrect ally upon death. (Innate to God Pet Defender)
  • Rich Man: Drops all its Gold coins upon death.
  • Self-heating: Cold RES +2 each level.
  • Suitable: Makes a good mount.
  • Tourist: Travel speed +5% on big map.
  • Versatility: 1 additional skill point upon upgrade.
  • Vital Strike
  • Weakened Reaction: Mana Reaction damage is halved.


These effects are bought with feat points in the tree.

  • Arm Wrestling Expert: STR +3/6/9.
  • Fast Regen: HP recovery increases by +30% while being healed.
  • Favored by Goddess of Luck: +15 Luck.
  • Fire Breath: You can spit fire. Careful, fire will harm allies as well as foes. [Action: Spitfire]
  • Legendary DEF: DEF +
  • Magic Being: +25 MP Growth.
  • Magic Blast: Ignores 20% of the enemies' RES.
  • Magic Flood: Magic Power increases by 12%
  • Mercy: Damage an enemy without killing them. Makes it easier to capture allies with Monster Balls. [Action: Mercy]
  • Space Destabilizer: You destabilize the space. Basically Short teleport. [Action: Space Destabilizer]
  • Steel Wires: Confines one enemy with steel wires and damage it. [Action: Steel Wires]
  • Tough: CON +3.
  • Untraceable: Evasion +30 when wearing Light Armor.


These effects are obtained trough the game or are from specific units.

  • Calmness: You gain less Sanity. From Secret treasure of Jure.
  • Elemental PERC: Elemental DMG +25%. From Secret treasure of Itzpalt.
  • Lucky Breath: Generates more beneficial enchantments on items. From Secret treasure of Ehekatl.
  • No Pain: Physical DMG -10%. From Secret treasure of Opatos.
  • Potent: STR stat Cap +, HP Growth +. From Ultimate Upgrades.
  • Firm: Will stat Cap +, MP Growth +. From Ultimate Upgrades.
  • Acute: PERC stat Cap +, Speed +. From Ultimate Upgrades.
  • Agile: DEX stat Cap +, Speed +. From Ultimate Upgrades.
  • Wise: Magic stat Cap +, MP Growth +. From Ultimate Upgrades.
  • Sturdy: CON stat Cap +, HP Growth +. From Ultimate Upgrades.
  • Beast's Heir: Physical DMG +10%, Magic DMG -10%.
  • Execute: Deals additional damage to enemies with less than 35% HP.
  • Fleet Footed: Speed +30%, Magic DMG -10%.
  • Icy Beauty: Summons ice to attack the enemy.
  • Poly: Increases RES to mutation and ether disease. (Innate to Hamster Poly)
  • Pumpkin Nightmare
  • Savage Power
  • Talent: Magic, Perc and Will increase with each level.


  • Accelerated Ether: Makes your Ether symptoms worse. The scope depends on the number of affected equipment equipped.
  • Aurora: Equipment resits the slowness caused by storm and rain.
  • Cannot Teleport: Prevents teleportation.
  • Claymore Parry
  • God's Bane: Makes the character powerful against the Divine.
  • Long Staff Perry: May parry attack if only Long Staff is equipped. (Innate to God Pet Defender)
  • Resist Blind: Resists Blind status.
  • Resist Confusion: Equipment resits the Confusion status.
  • Resist Curse: Equipment resits the Curse status.
  • Resist Mutation: Equipment resits the Mutation effect.
  • Resist Paralyze: Equipment resits the Paralyzed status.
  • Resist Poison: Equipment resists the Poisoned status.
  • Resist Pregnancy: Resists Alien infestation (ie. Pregnancy)
  • Resist Theft: Equipment protects items from being stolen.
  • Rotten: Ally can eat rotten food.
  • Sense of Heat: Can detect invisible creatures.
  • Strong Shield: Shield may parry attack.
  • Time Pause: Has a small chance to stop the time.
  • Wings: You float. Can avoid traps.


  • Accelerated Ether: Equipment with Ether Disease effects make your symptoms worse.
  • Complex Structure: Speed reduced. Ally has more than 12 equipment slots (ie. body parts). Can be removed at Cyber Dome with the surgical table.
  • Pregnancy

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