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For a monster of the same name, see Farmer (NPC).
Attribute Bonuses
Icon-strength.gifStr: Little 3-5 Icon-constitution.gifCon: Little 3-5 Icon-dexterity.gifDex: Slight 1-2
Icon-perception.gifPer: None 0 Icon-learning.gifLea: Not Bad 4-8 Icon-will.gifWil: Little 3-5
Icon-magic.gifMag: None 0 Icon-charisma.gifCha: None 0
Starting Skills

Polearm and Scythe

The Farmer. While not a steely-thewed Warrior or a well read Mage, the farmer is a Jack-of All-Trades. Good with a polearm from threshing grain, and good bargainers from their deals with merchants, they have working knowledge of just about every trade there is. As such, they never go hungry, as there's always something someone will pay dearly to get done. Their motto: "Anything worth doing is best done yourself".

The Farmer has few directly useful combat skills beyond what you start out with from your race. Because of this, race can play a larger-than-normal role in what sort of path you go down.

To make the most of the innate gardening and cooking skills at the core of this class, it is basically assumed you will buy a Farm and worship Kumiromi. After you have worked your gardening skills up high enough, artifacts (and money) will almost literally be growing on trees, although it's a slog for the patient to get that far.

Early on, you will be weak for lack of good combat skills, but you can go straight to Yowyn and perform Harvest Time! and the various cooking-related quests as much as possible to build up huge stockpiles of platinum it takes to buy the combat skills.

In a way, it's like you're putting off the combat and exploration that you might consider the heart of the game, but at the same time, pure martial classes have more trouble grinding platinum until they can train up the cooking skills you start out with. Since you will ultimately likely want to do both the combat skills and the cash- and resource-gathering skills, starting out with the cash- and resource-gathering skills well-established instead of the combat skills can actually make long-term growth a little bit easier, especially since you can make up for poor combat skills early on with pets.

Starting Equipment[]

  • a bronze weapon
    • claymore (3d5+1)
    • hammer (2d9)
    • halberd (2d6)
    • battle axe (1d14)
  • a bronze helm [0,1]
  • a bronze small shield [0,1]
  • a bronze breastplate [0,3]
  • a pair of bronze heavy boots [0,1]
  • a cloth girdle [1,0]
  • a metal stone (1d12)
  • 2 bottles of crim ale
  • 3 potions of cure minor wound
  • 4 rations
  • a portable cooking tool
  • 8 cargos of traveler's food


  • Yerles and Eulderna do not start with the 3 potions of cure minor wound
  • The bronze equipment may be cloth or raw and the cloth girdle may be raw.
  • Equipment stats will vary

Class Feat[]

In Elona+ There was added Class Feats, in which each class got a special bonus, the Farmer got:

Name Effect Remarks
[Harvest] Chance to evoke Decapitation Increase from original 1/8 to 1/7 trigger rate. Still need weapons with decapitation for it.

Changes in Omake Overhaul[]

Omake overhaul adds some new Feats to the Farmer class.

Class Feats[]

Name Effect
Polearm Novice You know how to wield Polearm. [Polearm DMG +5%]
Scythe Novice You know how to wield Scythe. [Scythe DMG +5%]
Farmer Conscript You wield a weapon as if it were a hoe. [Tactics + (Sqrt Gardening + 5% of Gardening)]