Fame, along with Adventurer Rank, is a measure of how powerful and well-known your character is. High fame will get you better reactions from NPCs that have heard of you, but will also cause more random rogue attacks while traveling. About every 1 fame increase your tax by 1 gp, thus decreasing your monthly income. But having a high fame also increases your income, every 10 fame increases your income by 1. But only when you have a rating of at least 2000. If you have lower then 2000 fame, you always get 200 gp salary from your fame. Higher fame also causes you to move up the ranking list of adventurers. You can check this list at any "informer" NPC, which are always located anywhere a trainer is in town. At 30,000 fame, Panic! Quests will start appearing on the bulletin board; at 50,000 fame, Challenge quests begin to appear.

Things that your fame affects

  • Your taxes (1 gp increase per 1 fame you have)
  • Your income (1 gp increase per 10 fame you have, i.e. 2 gp per month increase since you get paid twice a month)
  • Quests available (Some Quests require a certain amount of fame before the NPC is willing to even bother with you)
  • Probability of attacks by Rogue Bosses
  • Strength levels of Rogue Bosses
  • Jobs (Panic jobs start appearing at 30,000 fame, Challenge jobs start appearing at 50,000 fame).
  • Cost of food cargo.

Methods of Gaining Fame

  • Complete quests from the Quest Boards in towns.
  • Kill bosses in non-guaranteed dungeons.
  • Completing other quests from guaranteed NPCs.
  • Successfully completing battles to earn Arena Rank.
  • [Elona+ Only] Triggering the Werewolf related "<NPC Name> was killed by people who trust your judgement" event on certain NPCs. Selecting the "Are You a Werewolf?" dialogue option on select town NPCs has a chance of the NPC responding with "What? I am a human!", immediately triggering the event, or actually being a werewolf. The people that you can falsely accuse respawn very quickly with the only negative consequence being a drop in their impress level. Consistently yields about 1% of your current fame. Troublesome if abused by lower level players, as there is seemingly one in every town, resulting in a massive increase in the rate of gaining fame. However, it's a great way to consistently boost your fame and is easy to always do because the NPCs you can execute stay the same, meaning you will end up killing the same NPC over and over. They are always townfolk NPCs. Executing the known target upon each city you visit while running a single escort quest will yield at about 4x more fame than the escort quests alone. 

Methods of Losing Fame

  • Fail a quest from the Quest Board. Certain quests, such as Party Time! or The Harvest Time are especially suited for this as they are relatively short, and you can still train during the quest without completing it.
  • Lose an Arena match.
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