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Eyes are slow-moving monsters that are seemingly nonthreatening at first; however, all of them are capable of special actions that can inflict potentially dangerous status effects on your character. They are mostly easily recognisable, with their appearance usually being some variations of a single floating eye.

Eating a corpse of an eye monster gives a chance to grant nerve resistance, although later enemies and those in Elona+ may give mind and chaos resistances, making them useful for steaks. There is no telepathy intrinsic in this game. NetHack players take note.

It may be advisable to feed resistance giving corpses to your pets, as the player will often lose resistances in dreams.

Types of Eye[]

Floating Eye[]

Main article: Floating eye

(Special Action: Eye of Paralysis) Floating Eyes are the most basic type of Eye, and are roughly a level 1 encounter. These should be dispatched with a ranged weapon or spell. If you engage at melee range, they will paralyze you, allowing hordes of other monsters to come and attack your defenseless body. You can resist its gaze with equipment that guards against paralysis.

Chaos Eye[]

Main article: Chaos eye

(Special Action: Eye of Mutation) Chaos Eyes are purple-coloured eyeballs that can mutate you with a single gaze, for better or for worse.

Mad Gaze[]

(Special Action: Eye of Insanity) Mad gazes can increase your sanity counter until the point at which the Insane condition is inflicted on your character, causing a barrage of negative effects. Usually, however, you can kill them well before they can do any real damage (or any damage at all)

Death Gaze[]

Based on two arena battles, they seem to have access to all the aboves' abilities. Currently unknown if they have a unique ability, had to kill the first because the fight was getting too dangerous. Got killed very early in the second.--Leo Krupps 21:39, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

(Brave souls needed to remove all effects-resisting gear so they can test for additional info on the eyes)

These have a magic-draining attack usable at range. It's fully capable of draining you to the negatives, and causing the natural magic reaction damage associated with this occurrence. At the very least, <Death Gaze>s do. --Lairian