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Eye of Mind is a perception based skill that increases your chance of getting a critical hit. While the chance is not so good, criticals do bonus damage and always hit, unless your enemy has Greater Evasion.

In Elona+, Eye of Mind has become a Will-based skill. The Elona+ version of the Predator class also knows Eye of Mind.

It is trained whenever you score a critical hit, be it by "It increases your chance to score a critical hit" equipment, or in Elona+, scoring a critical hit with the Stealth skill, or even better with the Thief's Class Feat that makes each of your hits while undetected, to be critical.

Trained skill[]

You may only learn Eye of Mind from the fighters guild trainer at Port Kapul.



  • None


  • #eyeof or #eyemi will increase Eye of Mind by 1 level and train its potential.

Critical chance in Elona+[]

The following is adapted from Ano's blog.

Without taking into account the Obstinate feat, predator class bonus, dim, Charge Attack, Zero Shoot and other bonuses/penalties, only one of the following two requirements need to be fulfilled for an attack to be a critical attack:

  1. Perception + 50 > Random number(0 to 4999)
  2. Critical bonus x 2 + 10 > Random number (0 to 399) + Random number (0 to weight modifier + 1) x 2 + critical reduction equipment attribute

Critical bonus: total equipment attribute strength / 50 + (Eye of Mind)0.5. Maximum 30.
Examples of critical bonus from equipment attributes: Axe of Destruction gives 750, Kill Kill Piano gives 450.
Weight modifier: Weight of weapon or ammo (integer part only) x 50. Lower limit 0, Maximum 200.
Critical reduction equipment attribute: Target's total critical rate reduction attribute strength / 50. Maximum 30.
Example of critical reduction from equipment attributes: Spadille gives 15.