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For the weather type, see Etherwind.

Ether Disease is a series of random corruptions that you receive over time, similar to mutations. Unlike mutations, each disease symptom either has an entirely negative effect, or both positive and negative effects at the same time. It is possible to get the same symptom twice; however, depending on the corruption, this may or may not have any effect.

You can slow down the rate of the ether disease advances. This is done by:

The rate of the disease also speeds up by:

Something of note is that the ether disease, at least, outside of the Etherwind, a certain amount of time has to have passed since you last saved/loaded your game before a corruption can occur. This presumably happens to stop someone who saves (either intentionally or by accident) right before an ether disease corruption was about to take place from savescumming to try to get only the ether diseases they want to get. Hypothetically, you can delay ether disease quite a while by simply saving and exiting and then reloading to prevent the game from determining you have played long enough without saving to spring the next corruption on you.

The only way to cure ether disease is by using a potion of cure corruption, which will remove no more than the last three symptoms, unless when it is cursed. (In Elona+ 1.88R, it can also be fused into the food item "cure crystal" which removes the most recent symptom.)

If left untreated with many (20+) symptoms, you will eventually die from the disease. If you die in this way and choose to continue, the last disease effect will be undone, but you'll likely die again in the next Etherwind or simply after enough months go by if you don't drink a potion of cure corruption.

Although the disease is "very common in Irva" (according to Norne the guide), allies, and other NPCs, do not get the disease (with rare storyline exceptions), and can safely wear ether equipment. Because such equipment is always fireproof and acidproof, and each item raises Speed by 5, they might even be ideal for pets until better artifacts turn up.

Disease effects[]

The specific values of ether disease effects scale with your stats; for example, getting a huge head for a wizard will add much more learning than for a golem warrior.

Ether disease is tagged as [Disease] in your Feats page.

Message Effect
You are a living mana battery. Absorbs charges from rods upon pickup, giving you small amount of spell stock in that spell.
You are unstablizing space around you. Random teleportation Announced as "You feel unstable".
You are addicted to potion. Consumes random potions.
You are covered by a heavy carapace. PV 15 + Lv / 2 , -Speed of 20 + Lv / 2
Your feet have become hooves. Speed of 20 + Lv / 2 , cannot wear boots.
Your back has grown feathers. Speed of 12 + Lv / 4 , -Weight 20%, can fly, cannot wear cloaks.
Your neck is extremely thick. -Charisma 5 + Lv / 5 , PV 12 + Lv , cannot wear amulets.
Your head has grown huge. -Constitution 5 + Lv / 3 , -Dexterity 4 + Lv / 4 , Learning 6 + Lv / 2 , Willpower 2 + Lv / 6
You have four eyes. [[Perception]] 5 + Lv / 3 , -[[Charisma]] 5 + Lv / 3
You have sore face. -Charisma 4 + Lv / 5
You have your own gravity. +Weight 10%
You have dementia. MP -15% , -Magic 4 + Lv / 2
You suffer debilitation. HP -15% , -Strength 4 + Lv / 2
Clouds of rain follow you. Chance of Rain.
Desire for violence rises withn in[sic] you. DV -'15 + Lv * 1.5', Damage bonus +'5 + Lv * 2 / 3'
Poison drips from your hands. 1/5 chance of turning potions (other than Cure Corruption) into poisons when you pick them up; poison resistance.

effects stack up to 3 times


Message Effect
Desire for violence rises withn in[sic] you.

Damage taken +'(5 + Lv * 2 / 3) / 4', Damage bonus + '5 + Lv * 2 / 3'

Your head is growing in the ears of the beast. +Perception 10 + Lv/4, cannot wear helms.
Your bones are popping out. Cannot equip armor. Deals bleed damage to attackers.
You have a developed tail. Cannot equip girdles. Bonus to Dexterity.
You have a big webbeds[sic]. Cannot equip rings. Bonus to Swimming.
Your arms are thicker than your torso. Cannot equip gloves. Bonus to Strength.
Your hands are blades. Cannot equip hands. Enable use of Decapitation special action.
Your mouth is torn. Charisma penalty. Enable use of Voracity Fang special action.
You have multiple mouths. Constitution penalty. Halves the number of turns needed to eat an item.
Your libido is abnormal. Will penality. Maximum stamina 1.2x.
Thin tentacles are growing from you. Melee and ranged physical attacks have a 12.5% chance, or interacting with an NPC have a 2% chance of causing the tentacles to attack the target, dealing character level-dependent damage to the target. (Damage caps at level 1000). Damage is reduced by targe PV and DV. The second stage, "Thick tentacles are growing from you.", does double the base damage of this attack.
The beautiful flower is blooming on you. Immunity to pregnancy. Regeneration penality. Bonus to Charisma.

Omake Overhaul[]

Message Effect
You have ears of an animal. bonus perception, reduce sound resistence, cannot wear head items.
You have ears and tail of an animal. Bonus perception, even further reduced sound resistence, cannot wear head or waist items. Higher stage of "You have ears of an animal."
You have grown large claws. Unarmed attacks deal cut damage, Cannot wield hand slot items.
Your blood agitates mana into steam. Greatly increased healing, -50% mp, cannot use spells.
You drain mana around you. Increased Meditation, drains mana from NPCs in view.

Randomly absorbs MP from NPCs in your view. Its frequency increases as symptoms grow worse.

If your current MP is lower than maximum MP, you will recover MP equivalent to how much was drained.

If you drain MP from NPCs that are friendly, it lowers karma and their impress of you as if you had attacked them. If they die from mana reaction, it lowers karma as if you had killed them.

You drain significant amount of mana around you. Increased Meditation, drains mana from NPCs in view.
Your endless thirst drains mana sources dry. Increased Meditation, drains mana from NPCs in view.
You suffer from severe anxiety. Increased DV, periodically struck by Fear.

Amount of DV increased is lower than the amount decreased from 'desire for violence' ether disease, so if both are obtained at the same time overall DV will slightly decrease.

Desire for violence rises withn in[sic] you. DV -'15 + Lv * 1.5', Damage bonus +'5 + Lv * 2 / 3' , bonuses exceeding PC level 2000 reduced.

Elona Mobile[]

See the Ether Disease (Mobile) page.

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