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Stat page of an eternal force bow. Credits to Gremlion for the image.

Eternal force is a special weapon attribute in Elona. This attribute is very rare, marked by the attribute description "the enemy dies". Weapons with this attribute are always of <Miracle> or {Godly} quality. As the attribute describes, this weapons have a small chance (1%) to invoke Death Word upon dealing damage. This attribute also increased the equipment value (trading value) of the weapon by itself.

While the attribute itself has been present since Elona (confirmed since 1.16xmas edition), the particulars still haven't been determined. In Elona+, several properties have been added, most notably a special one-time attack activated by using t.


In Elona version 1.22, generally speaking, this seemingly powerful attribute of "the enemy dies" has no effect other than indicating that this equipment (always a weapon) is of extremely high quality. Weapons with this attribute are guaranteed to have at least 10 other attributes (invoke, deal damage, increase skills, etc.) on them and these attributes usually have quite high values.


In Elona+ version 1.37, these weapons are always marked as "The eternal force" in the name. Besides the above setting, one funny usage is added to eternal force weapons. In fact, you can choose to use an eternal force weapon by pressing t. This will lead to the following prompt:

"You can only use once per one Eternal Force. Do you want to invoke the maximum indifference[sic] magic?"

Before and after using an eternal force weapon's effect in Elona+

When replying yes, another message comes as, "The surrounding air was frozen in a moment!"

With this, a huge amount of cold damage, which grows with your skill level of magic device and is between 1000 and 99999, will hit everyone in the map, including you. Besides, a buff of Death Word lasting for 2 turns will be added to everyone. In addition, the terrain turns snowy, walls become icy, and certain decorations (e.g. crates) turn into ice rocks.

After this, the weapon will no longer have "The eternal force" in the name, lose its "the enemy dies" attribute and considerably drop in quality (calculated by trading, the material and artifact quality will remain the same).


The "Eternal Force" attribute is created by adding 32768 to the weapon's internal attribute flag, located in the inv.s1 savefile. Using the weapon's special Eternal Force effect removes this value. By manually freezing the value via memory editing, the attribute will not disappear upon use, and the effect can be triggered again and again.