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Time period during which Elona and some Elona variants were/are under active development. Click on the variant names to visit their respective pages on the wiki.

Not all Elona variants are featured in this diagram or on this wiki. Unlisted variants include Elona hacked, hacked_PLUS, m, m fish, sss fixed, 観賞用, 個別グラ差し替え, 台詞改造, E3, food, FFH, FFH2, ADDT, ElonaME, Elona_NS, Elona_Next, Elona Alpha, parasite, MMA hack, ElonaBra, Elona_t, and Elona BCF. See here for the data used to plot the figure.

What are Elona variants?[]

Development on Elona stopped in May 2010.

Third party developers with access to the source code have since made their own modifications on the game. These variants of Elona that they have created are called Elona variants.

These variants fix bugs, add new features, new monsters, items, spells, quests, and storyline, and may differ significantly from official Elona.

Overview of some variants[]


Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?BF Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona 1.22

Contains only bug fixes and optimizations. For people who don't like Elona variants nor the bugs remaining in Elona 1.22.


Main article: Elona+

Developer: Ano Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona 1.22

Implementation of Acts II and III of the main quest with new enemies to go with them, new items, and more special actions. Training and leveling is very much different compared to vanilla Elona. Also fixes loopholes and abusable features.


Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?FFHP Little-sister.gif

Based on: BF v17

Better sprites for some items like cooked food, herbs, fishes and fishing junk, and some potions. e.g. Pornographic books will be instantly recognizable as such.


Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?BF_CE Little-sister.gif

Based on: BF

Short for CompactExe. Optimizes the game even further (apparently at the cost of some stability). Some game data has been extracted and packaged into external database files, increasing customization and decreasing .exe file size.


Main article: elm

Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?elm Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona 1.22

Short for Enhanced Love Miracle, named after the lovemiracle function in Elona that handles lactation and egg-laying. Centered around but certainly not limited to sex, egg-laying, lactation, and more sex.


Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?elx Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona?

Fixes bugs in vanilla Elona and adds various convenient features.

Elona+ custom[]

Main article: Elona+ custom

Developer: Thread:25014 AnnaBanana Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona+

English translation for quests and items, along with features like customizable pet AI.

Elona foobar[]

Developer: Ki Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona 1.22

Transpilation of vanilla 1.22 to C++ and Lua. Will support multiple languages and include Lua modding support to add features from other variants. https://github.com/ElonaFoobar/ElonaFoobar


Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?etg Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona?

A variant that focuses on the card game.


Developer: LOM兄さん Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona?

Bug fixes, improvements to the Void, and increased customization.


Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?Me Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona 1.22

Bug fixes, expands upon some aspects of the game like farming and cooking, with new skills, items, spells, and enemies.


Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?mewmew Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona?

Luck now affects everything! Also includes balance changes and has an artifact fusion system.


Developer: Unknown? Little-sister.gif

Based on: MMA

A variant of Elona omake MMA that removes balance-changing aspects added in MMA, but otherwise keeps all the content added in omake.


Main article: Omake

Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?omake Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona?

This variant contains your younger sisters! And a pet creation system, dungeon/town management, increased customization of items and NPCs, and many more features.

omake baby[]

Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?baby Little-sister.gif

Based on: omake

Party time! Gameplay is similar to omake, but adds many more features centered on bards and music tickets.

omake LSD[]

Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?LSD Little-sister.gif

Based on: omake

Drugs, booze, and addiction.

Omake MMA[]

Main article: MMA

Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?MMA Little-sister.gif

Based on: omake

Omake variant but with the ability to strengthen pets and NPCs even more, and with custom maps and custom world maps. Save files are compatible with omake, and *possibly* with other variants as well. Has some features from the AA variant, like the Eulderna/Asseria continent and pet synthesis from monster parts.

omake overhaul[]

Main article: Omake Overhaul

Developer: Seacolor Little-sister.gif

Based on: omake

Greater differences between races and classes, pets that are useful outside combat, new uses for items and skills, quests, minigames, ability to create new spells, and more. Abbreviated as OOM

omake overhaul modify[]

Developer: http://zeffi.jugem.jp/ Little-sister.gif

Based on: omake overhaul

Omake overhaul but with useful features like being able to bash all fruits off a tree at once, more info on the character sheet, more info when targeting, and coating your weapon with potions.

omake overhaul readjust[]

Developer: kaz_mighty Little-sister.gif

Based on: omake overhaul

Bug fixes, balancing, polishes OOM. Abbreviated as OOR.

omake overhaul Sukutu[]

Main article: Omake overhaul modify sukutu edition

Developer: http://ungoliant.seesaa.net Little-sister.gif

Based on: omake overhaul Ex

Adds end game content. Translates to "Void edition". Also abbreviated as OOMSE.

omake overhaul modify Sukutu Edition South Tyris[]

Main article: Omake Overhaul modify Sukutu Edition South Tyris

Developer: yuu_111 Little-sister.gif

Based on: omake overhaul Sukutu

Stylized as oomSEST. It is a large mod focused on balance, quality of life, expanding the end game from OOMSE, and adding content to South Tyris.

omake overhaul Ex[]

Developer: ? Little-sister.gif

Based on: omake overhaul modify

Various convenience features. Compatible with OOM. Also abbreviated as OOMEx.


Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?orehack Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona?

Adds useful features like saving equipment sets, damage/stamina display, more options in game settings, and ability to give pets battle orders.


Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?URW Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona 1.16 xmas

Ports a lot of features from other variants (omake, MMA, orehack, baby, AA, etc) but has plenty of novel aspects as well that change game balance.

omake MMA hack[]

Developer: http://wikiwiki.jp/elonaval/?mmahack/ Little-sister.gif

Based on: omake overhaul

Abbreviated as MMAh.


Developer: Ruin0x11 Little-sister.gif

Based on: Elona 1.22

Ground-up rewrite of vanilla 1.22 in Lua, running on LÖVE2D. Attempts improve support for modding. https://github.com/Ruin0x11/OpenNefia