Elona Wiki


  • If you have a Wikia account, most ads go away. You also get preferences.
  • Random chance plays a large role in any roguelike, so try to test things before posting it.
  • Similarly, check actual game text before fixing apparent spelling errors. There are a bizillion translation errors in the game and we'd rather track them in the vain hope that they might one day be fixed.
  • The information in the statboxes is largely acquired from going in wizard mode, interacting with it, then looking at its info.


  • The visual editor is a crutch. If you're serious about wiki editing, it's better to get used to the code and then turn it off entirely.
  • Skim over Wikipedia's words to watch or the Manual of Style in general. This wiki doesn't need to be as strict as Wikipedia, but better to have standards than force other editors to clean up your mess.
  • Refrain from making jokes, writing opinions or giving advice as it ends up obfuscating more important information. Some amount of metagaming and silliness is okay, but if you're writing a huge chunk of text then it belongs on the forum, blog, comments, userspace, Category:Guides or anywhere but the article!


  • Filenames should be kept fairly obvious. Files are regular articles like anything else, so any details should be in file description and not put in the filename without reason.
  • Please submit sprites in either PNG or GIF format.
  • PNG files can often be made smaller by using pngout, pngcrush, optipng and similar utilities.
  • For the convenience of people who may want to use the sprite as a base for edits, upload the sprites at their full 48x48 or 48x96 size. You can easily do this in most image editors by setting the Grid and Snap To options.