Elona Wiki
Microsoft Windows
Release date(s)
August 31, 2007
Roguelike, RPG
Single player
Japanese, English
Latest version(s)
1.16 fix2b (stable)
1.22 (beta)
1.23 (unreleased)

Elona is a roguelike game created by Japanese developer Noa. Its name is short for "Eternal League of Nefia". Noa began developing Elona in 2006, and based it on roguelikes such as Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM), Dwarf Fortress' Adventure Mode and Angband.

The game is set in a fantasy world called Irva. The player creates a character, with one each of eleven races and ten classes, to battle monsters, practice magic, perform music, or take on various other roles. It is possible to change a value in the configuration and play as special "debug" races, such as a god. The player first takes control of their character, who survives a disaster at sea, in the north of Irva's northwestern continent, Tyris. North Tyris contains many towns and dungeons, with randomly generated elements, that the player can explore as they deal with or avoid creatures, townsfolk, other adventurers, and the corrupting effects of a seasonal phenomenon called Etherwind. The player can take quests and make their character worship one of several gods to enhance their skills and earn various bonuses.

Elona is programmed in the Hot Soup Processor (HSP) procedural language. Noa promoted the game with an Adobe Flash shooter game, Elona Shooter, released in October 2009 on Kongregate.

On November 2010, Noa discontinued the development of Elona and for a limited time released the source code so fans and programmers could continue developing the game. As of date, the most ambitious of these fanmade sequels is Elona+, an Expansion Pack released on 2012, still ongoing, and the only one (partially) available in English; Elona Custom, a full English mod of Elona+, was released in 2016 and is still in active development. For other fanmade sequels and spin-offs, see Elona variants.

On August 2016, Noa announced the closing of the official Elona forums and transferring of the official page following the closure of the Nifty @HomePage service; the old home page is no longer accesible, but the forums are. He also announced a new project, an RPG titled Elin, as a spiritual successor following Elona's 10th Anniversary.

For more details, see this very informative wiki.


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