Elona Wiki

Easy Gene Engineering[]

My name is Generalmeldor and I am presenting a guide for easily gene engineering specific skills onto pets.  Some skills may have no use for pets but I wanted to include all the ones I could for the sake of completeness.

Some things to know[]

-Some skills are automatically known by all PCs and NPCs in the game and are not featured in this guide.

-These creatures are not the only ones that know these skills, this is just a list of easy to find/common creatures and simple, easily accessible locations.

-Due to this, some skills may require multiple fusions of the same creature in order to acquire the desired skill.

-The creatures that I selected and tested with are all based on the standard body part model, so there should not be any additional limbs unless the target creature is missing a body parts.

-This list is exclusive to Elona+, due to skill changes from Vanilla.

List of Skills[]

Skill Name Location
Alchemy Wizard of Elea Puppy Cave/Slave Master
Anatomy Rat Wilderness
Carpentry Fire Ent Dungeons (especially Tower of Fire)
Casting Wizard of Elea Puppy Cave/Slave Master
Control Magic Punk Wilderness/Slave Master
Cooking Farmer Yowyn
Detection Punk Wilderness/Slave Master
Disarm Trap Ghost Puppy Cave/Wilderness
Dual Wield Public Performer Wilderness/Slave Master
Eye of Mind Goblin Puppy Cave
Fishing Putit Wilderness
Gardening Farmer Yowyn
Greater Evasion Bat Wilderness
Investing Flying Frog Wilderness
Jeweler Wizard of Elea Puppy Cave/Slave Master
Literacy Wizard of Elea Puppy Cave/Slave Master
Lock Picking Punk Puppy Cave/Slave Master
Magic Capacity Ghost Puppy Cave/Wilderness
Magic Device Public Performer Wilderness/Slave Master
Marksman Yeek Archer Puppy Cave/Wilderness
Memorization Wizard of Elea Puppy Cave/Slave Master
Mining Goblin Puppy Cave
Negotiation Farmer Yowyn
Performer Flying Frog Wilderness
Pickpocket Public Performer Wilderness/Slave Master
Riding Rabbit Wilderness
Sense Quality Giant Squirrel Puppy Cave
Swimming Hermit Crab Wilderness
Tactics Warrior of Elea Puppy Cave/Slave Master
Tailoring Mushroom Puppy Cave
Traveling Putit Wilderness
Two Hand Warrior of Elea Puppy Cave/Slave Master
Weight Lifting Farmer Yowyn