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For Player owned Dungeons, see Dungeon (Deed).

Nefia, also known as dungeons are places on the world map where you can go adventuring. Many of them can be reset, which means that they are re-randomized and moved, and all of their contents disappear. Their danger levels and titles are as follows:

Prefix Danger
Beginner's/Safe 1-4
Adventurer's/Exciting 5-9
Servant's/Dangerous 10-14
Shadow/Fearful 15-19
King's/Chaotic 20+

In them are monsters which have levels around the dungeon's level. Dungeons have different floors separated by stairs, which you can not take or steal. Most dungeons are filled with sampling spots, and random objects. Some dungeons with randomly generated floors, such as Puppy Cave, no longer spawn sampling spots. They have 3-6 floors, and at the bottom of each dungeon there is a boss which is a higher level than normal, whose name is bracketed by <> (e.g., "<goblin>"). The boss will be announced when you enter the bottom level, to give you a chance to retreat if you think it's too tough. If you leave the bottom level before the boss is slain it will disappear, so if you want to kill it you'll be unable to retreat up the stairs during the middle of a battle to rest and heal. If the boss is slain by yourself or something else, you will have a bejeweled chest placed at your feet (more on that later), a scroll of return, a random spellbook, some gold and Platinum Coins, and possibly some small medals. The boss will always drop a corpse and card, and all of its equipment. Further, killing the boss will increase your dungeon rank and fame.

If the boss is a bell it will not vanish. Dying in a dungeon will also kill the boss. Killing the boss in this way will not increase your rank but you can pick up the drops.

There are several predetermined/static dungeons which cannot be reset (hence leaving items in them is safe). These are:

Danger Depth Boss
Lesimas 1 45 <Zeome> the false prophet; <Orphe> the chaos child
Yeek Cave 5 1  Yeek chief
Tower of Fire 15 4 <Quruiza> the red-eyed Deceiver; <Corgon> the steel dragon
Ancient Castle 17 5 <Wynan> the lord of Ancient Castle
Pyramid 20 2 <Tuwen> the master of the pyramid
Minotaur's Nest 23 5 <Ungaga> the minotaur king
Mountain Pass 25 4 N/A
Crypt of the Damned 25 6 <Issizzle> the dark abomination
Dragon's Nest 30 4 <Vesda> the fire dragon
The Void * Random every 5 levels
Fort of Chaos (Beast) 666 ** 1 <Frisia> the cat queen
Fort of Chaos (Collapsed) 666 ** 1 <Azzrssil> the impure
Fort of Chaos (Machine) 666 ** 1 <Utima> the destroyer of Xeren

*The Void has no official danger level
**The effective danger level of Forts of Chaos for opening bejeweled chests and mining is around 25, not 666.

Danger Level[]

This gives you a rough idea of what monsters you will face while in the dungeon, however only the end boss has a level near high danger levels. Example: A level 180 dungeon will have a boss around that level, but you should be able to navigate through it without a problem if you can take on level 50+ monsters.

Further, a higher danger level will give better rewards for mining, and opening bejeweled chests in them will give more gold and equipment made from better material. Thus, when you get a bejeweled chest in a low danger level dungeon you shouldn't open it immediately, but should instead save it, bring it to a higher danger level dungeon, and open it there. Note that for the purpose of opening chests the Forts of Chaos have an effective danger level of 25, not 666.

Alternatively, you could hoard all of the bejeweled chests in your home, wait to have a Lucky Day buff after you sleep (+777 luck), and then open all the chests. You'll get less gold and equipment made from lesser material, but the equipment attributes will likely be better, and all equipment save for godly artifacts can have their material improved via blessed scrolls of change material.

A Sudden Diastrophism Hits the Continent[]

This message will randomly show up on the status message box. It means that all of the dungeons have been reset, and that all portable shelters placed on the world map have been lost. You can also do this by using the Statue of Opartos[sic].


In Elona+, once you've completed the Main quest, every time you move from one continent to another (like entering South Tyris via the North Tyris South Border) all dungeons will be reset.

Also, the type of object dropped by mining varies based on the type of dungeon:

  • Cave and Lake type dungeons will give ores.
  • Forest type dungeons will give acorns, golden acorns and four-leaf clovers.
  • Tower and Fort type dungeons will give stone materials (used in a pot for fusion recipe) and (rarely) safes.
  • Nest type dungeons will give eggs, jerky, monster shit, and rarely mysterious fossils.
  • Cemetery type dungeons will give large bouquet, rag doll, coffin, and rarely books of resurrection.
  • Mine type dungeons will give clay, sulfur, black crystal, and rarely stardust.

Bejeweled Chests[]

The danger level of where you open a chest has no influence on the amount of gold or material type; rather, this is predetermined by the danger level of the dungeon where it was generated.

Monster Types[]

As of version 1.83, the type of monster encountered varies by dungeon type:

  • Cave (8 races): beast, yeek, kobold, orc, goblin, bear, bacteria, medusa
  • Forest (8 races): horse, bird, beetle, mandrake, sheep, ent, dinosaur, fairy
  • Tower (7 races): drake, cupid, armor, mazin, eye, hand, asura
  • Fort (7 races): giant, machine, behicle, lizardman, quickling, mutant, piece
  • Nest (8 races): dragon, wasp, spider, snake, worm, largeanimal, minotaur, rabbit
  • Cemetery (7 races): wisp, imp, ghost, skeleton, zombie, lich, cat
  • Mine (7 races): golem, rock, bat, slime, rat, dog, harpy
  • Lake (7 races): seamonster, shell, frog, yith, snail, mushroom, spirit


In Omake, dungeons have been reworked slightly to encourage dungeon delving.

NPC Adventurers[]

NPC Adventurers now appear in dungeons uncommonly.

Level of Dungeons[]

The level of dungeons generated are more likely to be closer to the PC's level.

Level of Big Daddy[]

Big daddy spawned will have its base level change depending on the current floor level.

Small Medals[]

Small medals can be found randomly on the floors of dungeons, including Puppy Cave, similar to preset small medals in towns.

Cave Dungeons[]

Mining in cave dungeons will result in more ores generated.

Forest Dungeons[]

Random crops will be present in Forest dungeons, where they will be in various stages of growth.

Nefia Modifiers[]

Dungeons can have modifiers that changes the rules and sometimes rewards of the dungeon.

Modifier Effect Rewards
Might Tower Disables usage of spells for all characters, allies and foes.

All floors will be set in large open rooms, with Warrior class monsters.

The boss of the dungeon will always be a Minotaur.

Magic Tower Sets physical damage to 0 for all characters, allies and foes.

All floors will be set in large open rooms, with Wizard class monsters.

The boss of the dungeon will always be a Lich.

Forgetful All items spawned will be unidentified, including items already identified before, except for some items.

Note: Autopick feature will not work for specific items, as they will be in an unidentified state.

Rare items are more commonly generated on the ground such as:

  • potion of potential
  • potion of cure corruption
  • potion of evolution
  • scroll of gain attribute,
  • scroll of growth
  • scroll of faith
  • flying scroll
  • scroll of contingency
  • spellbook of harvest
  • rod of domination
Lonely Cannot be accompanied by pets in this dungeon. 10 random herbs will be rewarded upon defeating the boss of the dungeon.
Hellish Dungeon will have 3 times more floors than normal. The reward for defeating the boss of the dungeon will be given thrice.

This includes rewards from other dungeon modifiers. For example, "Lonely Hellish Dungeon" will result in 30 random herbs.

Shadow Dungeon All non-party characters will have the appearance of shades, except the following:

The boss of the dungeon will be selected from a list of quest bosses that have been killed, Goda the captain of orc, Mad scientist, Isca the fallen angel and Dungeon cleaner.

Omake Overhaul[]

In Omake overhaul, dungeons can have modifiers, greater rewards, and have better equipment.

  • Sample spot material gains increased in quantity. Anatomy skill no longer affects generic and animal spots material quality.
  • Monsters spawn with equipment and enchanted equipment more often.
  • Nefia bosses drop more ores, platinum coins, and small medals.
  • Monsters can have name modifiers (level multipliers).
  • Lesimas has higher spawn rate monsters with name modifiers.

Monsters can have modifiers[]

Strength of monsters can now be gleaned based on its name modifier.

For example, "Demigod snail" is 3 times stronger than normal while "World's strongest snail" is 4 times stronger than normal.

In addition, monsters can come equipped with higher quality items when combined with other modifiers at the same time. This means "<<World's strongest snail>>" will be far stronger than "World's strongest snail".

If current generation level (which increases with higher quest difficulty or floor depth) is higher than the NPC level 'after' its name modifier takes effect, there is a low chance for them to appear. Chances of appearing increases with higher "degree of progress".

As an example, "World's strongest little girl" will not appear in either Nefias or quests if their generation levels are below 16.

Such monsters however will definitely make an appearance in Lesimas and Maneater Nefias. Conversely, they will never appear in either shelter or void. (Translator Note: Each of the names have their own Katakana name and for the sake of completeness these were translated to their nearest English name)

However, CNPCs and silver eyed witch cannot have name modifiers attached.

Modifier Level Multiplier
Hero 2
Demigod 3
World's Strongest 4
Great Ancestral Spirit of 5

Characters with the "Great Ancestral Spirit of" modifier will become transparent and lack a shadow.

Nefia Modifiers[]

Modifier Effect Rewards
Calm All floors in this Nefia also spawns neutral or friendly NPCs.

A calm fort or dungeon would be a paradise for novice adventurers.

Purgatory Map of this Nefia has an appearance similar to the after effects of "it brings an end".

No Etherwind will be blowing on entry however.

This Nefia will not appear if the 1st floor is 100th level or lower.

An Artifact Fusion License
Illusion This Nefia spawns copies of PC and their pets. Levels of the copies will match current depth of the dungeon floor.

Although the boss will be a copy of PC, it always come equipped with a godly weapon (will change to the most suitable weapon based on PC's highest base weapon and casting skill).

This Nefia will not appear if the 1st floor is under 20th level and is not a forest type.

If the PC's highest weapon skill is martial arts, a shield will be dropped instead.
Maneater Monsters here will be spawned at 3 times its appropriate Nefia level. Most will also appear with name modifiers.

Many equipment long lost by past adventurers can be found littered across floors. Similarly to monsters, these items are also spawned at 3 times its appropriate Nefia level. In other words, these items are very powerful.

This Nefia will not appear if the 1st floor is 50th level or lower.

Bejeweled chest spawned at 3 times its generation level.
Zealot NPCs following the same god will become allies, while those with differing faith will become enemies. Unique non-hostile NPCs like Big Daddies are affected. Pets will not turn hostile.

Most NPCs found here are humans. NPCs which normally don't spawn in Nefias such as villagers and cleaners will spawn in this Nefia.

Furthermore, altars can frequently be found here. Although taking over these is possible, you have a feeling that something terrible will happen. Let's leave them as is, shall we.

The Boss will always be a god pet. This god pet will follow their respective god and appears with their faith maxed out.

This modifier will only appears on towers.

(Type) In this Nefia, only certain type of monster will appear. Since this Nefia does not appear with its name modifier like other special Nefias, it would be impossible to tell the difference until it has been entered.

As its spawn rate is high, most random Nefias are likely to become this.

Putit Nest This Nefia will only spawn putit type monsters.

All putits including their derivatives in this Nefia will appear at low levels.

This Nefia will not appear if the 1st floor is over 20th level.

Mysterious This Nefia contains equipment with elements and powerful enchantments appropriate to its floor level.

It also has other special features in the following below:

  • Every floor is newly generated.
  • Cannot climb floors until boss is defeated.
  • Cannot return or escape.
  • Autosaves every floor.
  • Forcibly crawl up on death.
  • This Nefia will not appear if the 1st floor is 50th level or lower.
Enchanted equipment
Anomalous In this Nefia, ether disease progresses faster. Higher floor levels will result in faster disease progression.

Many monsters similar to those encountered while traveling in etherwind will spawn in this Nefia.

This Nefia will not appear if the 1st floor is 50th level or lower and is not a forest type.

Potion of cure corruption Comes with higher enhanced value the higher completed floor difficulty is.
Dark In this Nefia, many torches are spread around the map, but is pitch dark everywhere else.

Therefore, detection range for both friendly and hostile NPCs becomes quite restricted.

Torches can be picked up and increases PC's range of vision while held. However, torches held will eventually run out of fuel after some turns and fizzle out.

The following equipment below can be found littered throughout the floor:

  • Light saber
  • Skull bow
  • Aurora ring
  • Speed ring
  • Laser gun
  • Seven league boots
  • Vindale cloak

This Nefia will not appear if the 1st floor is 30th level or lower and is not a dungeon.

Rare equipment on floors.
Thieves In this Nefia, numerous traps are strewn across the floor along with the appearance of many thieves and tomb robbing NPCs. While inside, players and pets will have gravity status effect applied.

In addition, the floors are quite littered with many treasure chests. Be careful however, as these are booby trapped and will poison, explode, or contain other such dangers when carelessly opened. Such traps can be avoided if your character has disarm trap skill.

This Nefia will not appear if the 1st floor is under 2nd level and is not a fort type.


A new item Void ball allows capturing void monsters, analogous to the Monster ball.

Elona Mobile[]

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