Elona Wiki

Dungeon when first entered.

For hostile dungeons, see Dungeons.

Base cost: Wish only

Maintenance cost: -

Income per rank: -

Base rank: -

Highest rank possible: -

Maximum number of items: 350

Maximum number of hirelings: -

The Dungeon is a 60x80 property.

The dungeon itself is around the same size as Palmia and could fit around 6 small castles in itself. The dungeon does not replace your house or act like one, but acts more like a storehouse in the fact that all you can do is redesign it and use it as storage. When you place it, the dungeon is called "." which means it has no name. On the world map, it looks like an ordinary gray cave.


Base cost: 500 000

Can also be bought at the Embassy.

Maintenance cost: -

Maximum number of items: 350

Contains summoning crystal, house board, 3 rods of make door, 2 coffins, torches, some low-grade furniture like picks and barrels.

When you place it, the dungeon is called "your dungeon"