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Dual Wield is a dexterity based skill that improves your ability to fight with two (or more) weapons at the same time. It may also allow you to make extra attacks while dual wielding.

Dual wielding[]

Fighting with multiple weapons is a matter of equipping weapons to all your hand slots. Each weapon will have an increasing penalty to hit (for example, an Asura with four weapons may have -20% to hit for the second weapon, -40% for the third and -60% for the fourth). Dual wielding will also lower the success rate of casting spells.

To avoid any further penalties, your main hand (first hand slot) can be normal (up to 4.0s) and your offhand weapons must be light (up to 1.5s). If a weapon weighs more than that, then that weapon will take a penalty to hit. Wielding a heavy weapon (4.0s or heavier) gives an insurmountable penalty. Wielding a normal weapon (1.5s to 4.0s) in your off hand gives a large penalty, but may be overcome by a high Dual wielding skill.

It is impractical to fight with multiple weapons without the dual wield skill, as the penalty for the off hand weapon is very large.

Shield Exploit[]

If you have more than two hands, you can wield a shield in one of your hands and the game will ignore the weight restrictions. This will, however, start to train the Shield skill instead of Dual Wield, and you will no longer hit multiple times with each weapon.

Trained skill[]

You may only learn Dual Wield from the fighters' guild trainer in Port Kapul.




  • #dual will increase Dual Wield by 1 level and train its potential.

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