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The Dragon's Nest is a few steps to the north from Derphy

An optional level 30 dungeon located north of Derphy. It has four floors in total, the first three have a random layout, while the last floor is a simple U-shaped map with <Vesda> the fire dragon waiting at the other side.

While a prepared player should not have too much trouble with Vesda, he is still nothing to sneeze at. He closes up distance to use his basic attack which causes fire damage, along with using Fire Breath from close or afar.

Vesda himself drops the pair of Gloves of Vesda upon death and eating his corpse gives a large amount of intrinsic fire resistance. Since both his corpse and his gloves grant fire resistance, it would be a good idea to stop by here first if the player plans to challenge the Tower of Fire.

Currently, there is no quest connected to this dungeon.


  • Gloves of Vesda (reward from killing the boss)
  • 3 bejeweled chests.
  • 4 chests.
  • 1 alchemy kit.
  • 1 pentagram (furniture)

Elona+ Changes[]

In Elona+ Vesda is 15 levels higher and has slightly increased stats, but with adequate preparation he still shouldn't pose too much of a challenge. The rest of the dungeon monsters still spawn at D. level 30.

There is still no quest connected to this dungeon but may be related to Metal Vesda the fire machine, Vansesda the ancient fire and his quest. The dungeon itself has a sort-of successor in the Dragon volcano.