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Entrance can be seen in a corner of the huge hatch. - Description of the Dock on the world map.

The Dock, with the locations of the 2 small medals.

The Dock and Albedrion is a two-floor location in Lost Irva, added in the Elona+ mod of Elona. It is the northern-most location on the continent, to the north of Cradle of Chaos and located at the coordinate (40,4). The first floor is named the Dock, and the lower floor is Albedrion. It is filled with mechanical NPCs like worker-01, worker-02, androids, R cleaners.

Albedrion, with 3 small medals marked on the map.

In the Japanese version, the Dock is named "Dormant divine warship: docks", while the second is named "Dormant divine warship: upper floor".

The map files are 7bship.map and 8bship.map, and the bgm mcRuin and mcHuge respectively.


  • General vendor (Rank 15) selling firearms, vendors, and machinery in the Dock
  • General vendor (Rank 28) in the Dock
  • Blacksmith (Rank 32) in the Dock


  • Informer in Albedrion
  • Trainer in Albedrion
  • Identifier in Albedrion
  • Healer in Albedrion

What's Unique?[]

12 permanent moon gates in Albedrion.

Notable NPCs[]

Small Medal Locations[]

  • Top left of Dock, one step down from a chip.
  • Middle of Dock, on the left patch of honey comb-patterned tiles, 2 steps NE of the laser gun.
  • Bottom right of Albedrion, on the same tile as a lamp.
  • Middle right of Albedrion, in top right corner of right moongate room.
  • Top right of Albedrion, on the same tile as a lamp.