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Base cost: 300,000 GP (500,000 GP before version 1.44)
Maintenance cost: n/a
Income per rank: n/a
Base rank: n/a
Highest rank: n/a
Maximum number of items: 400
Maximum number of released pets: 150
The discarded ranch is a 60x34 property.

Discarded ranch is an Elona+ exclusive building that holds pets that you don't want in your current team, but still want to have around. The building has no rank, no income and no NPCs assigned to it. You can have more than one discarded ranches, and each one is capable of holding 150 pets. Releasing more than that will delete random pets already in the map, so do not do that.

Building a discarded ranch[]

  1. Complete the Maid and house Level 70 quest, thus gaining you access to the Maid Mansion.
  2. Kill the <King Cockroach> in the basement of the mansion, then talk to the chief maid in order to get the <Cleaning Doll>.
  3. Make sure you have at least 300,000 gold with you (500,000 GP if you play a version earlier than 1.44).
  4. Talk to Bankrupt <Guo> and choose the "I'll buy" option (currently still using <Noel> the Bomber's dialog). A deed of discarded ranch will be put at your feet.
  5. read the deed on the overworld map.

Storing pets on the ranch[]

  1. Having the unwanted pet(s) with you, visit the ranch.
  2. Use a House Board or the provided Register (t), and select the "release ally" option.
  3. From the resulting Ally List, select the pet you wish to release.

Reclaiming pets from the ranch[]

  1. Make sure you have a free slot in your team roster.
  2. interact with a released pet on the ranch.
  3. From the resulting menu, choose the "Bring Out" option. The pet will join your team again.


  • The deed of discarded ranch can be wished for only in Wizard mode (use just ed ranch, because using the full name gets you a card of @).
  • The map can be exported (F8); creating a regular .pum usermap.
  • Released cNPCs (custom pets) will retain all of their aspects when reclaimed, unlike when they are stored in monster balls. As of version 1.73, any custom appearance of pets will be lost when pets are retrieved from the ranch.
  • The building was added in version 1.15555, but back then it could hold only 80 items.