ダルフイ Darufui
Icon village.png
You see the infamous rogue's den Derphy.
Region North Tyris
Location (14,35)
Music mcTown3

Derphy as it appears in the map editor.


To the south of Port Kapul, southwest of Vernis, and west of Yowyn lies the rogue town Derphy. Being a town without guards would bring a thief protection from the law, but also send him into a place filled with scoundrels and ruffians.

Derphy is not actually in sight of the road that passes it. It lies in the southeast of the small valley which lies southwest of Vernis.

For visual directions, see the map.

Shops[edit | edit source]

  • Goods vendor
  • General vendor
  • Blacksmith
  • Trader
  • Black Market Vendor
  • Slave master

Services[edit | edit source]

What's unique?[edit | edit source]

  • The slave master
    • The only place in the game where you can buy humanoid pets. They are usually proportionate to your level.
  • Thieves' Guild
  • Prostitutes
    • You can pay to sleep with these people. As you are the client, they won't give you any gold and you are the one inflicted with Insanity. Like any other person, they may give you STDs (i.e. make you Sick).
    • You may still get them drunk in order to trigger the "Interested in a little tail t'night?" dialog, making them the client, as normal.
    • They're high tippers if you have a high enough Performer skill to avoid getting rocks thrown at you.
  • No guards
    • A nice place to lay low and hide whenever you reach low enough karma to become hunted down by the guards in the other cities. However, it can be frustrating to track down individuals for quests.
  • Pickpockets
    • Be careful of rogues- if either of you walk into each other there is a chance that you may find yourself mysteriously missing some gold. Unfortunately, killing the rogue is no guarantee of getting back the gold. You can tell that you lost money to a pickpocket if you see the text "Oops, sorry." and hear the sound that indicates a shift in your account balance.

Notable NPC's[edit | edit source]

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