Elona Wiki

Deeds can create new locations that fulfill multiple functions.

Deeds can be obtained from:

  • Deed seller in the Embasy
  • Garok workshop can sell a Resort Deed.
  • You can get a mansion deed from the Golden Apple shop.
  • Quests in Yowyn can give a ranch and a farm deed.
  • Joining a guild will give you a guild camp deed, if you lose it, you can talk to the clown in the Embassy for another copy

Guild Camp[]

  • You can submit daily supplies, 10 of each type, to help improve your guild by talking to Guild Secretariat <Phobe>.
  • High quality items give you more contribution points when you submit them.
  • You can join in expeditions and get your expedition rewards from here


  • Resort is a building that allows you to store allies.
  • To start you can store 10 allies here, +5 per deed used to upgrade afterwards, up to 200 slots
  • You can only build one resort with a resort deed
  • You can buy a Resort Deed at Miral and Garok's workshop for Small Medals or at the Diamond Shop.


  • Ranch allows you to breed a single monster.
  • You can own up to 2 Ranches.
  • Every monster or race has its own chance to reproduce. The chance is lower for rarer and higher level monsters.
  • Breed Sheep or Chicken for quick milk and egg production.
  • Reproduce any Yeek for gene engineering fodder that can give all the basic human body parts to your allies.
  • You can get permits to reproduce different types of allies by completing Achievement Board tasks or buying the permits with diamonds.
    • Gene Clipping Permit - Destroy 100 bone piles
    • Monster Breeding Permit - Kill 100 lions
    • Forbidden Research Permit - Open 200 master chests


  • You can place some Black Star items in the arsenal to get passive bonuses.
  • You need to place the items through the teller machine.
  • Do not pickup the teller machine or you cannot put it back down.
  • If you do accidentally pick up don't worry you can still use it while holding it and the original one will respawn after some time.


  • It is just for storage, no need to decorate.
  • You can expand it by using a Teller machine in the warehouse.
  • Up to 200 slots with upgrades.
  • Initial upgrades cost gold, afterwards they cost diamonds.


  • You use it to plant seeds and harvest later.
  • You can own up to 2 farms.
  • You get seeds through harvest missions, general vendors, kumiromi's pet & follower bonus or food vendors.
  • Your gardening skill determines the chance of a seed successfully growing, for higher quality seed, a higher skill is required.
  • It is recommended to plant the seeds on rainy days and harvest on sunny days. (not confirmed, game says this but it doesn't seems to be true.)
  • The plants grow in real time.
  • Growing herbs along with kumiromi's God Gem can boost your base stats very fast.

Commercial Street[]

  • Sold by <Joy> the Architect in Palmia.
  • Can be purchased for 6 Gold Tokens, 6 Purple Tokens and 6 Blue Tokens.
  • You can only have one street but the building can be upgraded at the Teller Machine, up to 6 stalls with 3 vendors on each.
  • Shops must be at investment level 100 to move to your street.


  • Purchase at Treasure Shop for 10 Golden Apples
  • You can only build one mansion
  • Works as both a extra ranch & farm.


  • Still in development (As of April 2022), has no effect
  • Display figures sometimes dropped by monsters,
  • The rarer the specimen the more points it generate
  • In the future we may be able to expand your museum, but for now if your museum is full, low-level figures are removed to make room for high-level figures.