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Deeds are documents that function similar to scrolls in that they can be read. Unlike scrolls, reading them will cause a different effect. Most of the deeds can be read to construct buildings on the world map, with the exception of the deed of heirship, which will allow you to claim heirlooms from the heir trunk.

Deeds of buildings[]

The following types of deeds create buildings on the world map:

Deed Deed cost Maintenance Max Items Area Total Area
Cave 0 0 100 34x22 748
shack 35400 170 150 22x12 264
cozy house 75000 800 200 25x16 400
estate 186500 1800 300 27x18 486
cyber house 373000 3200 350 27x18 486
small castle 1335000 5000 400 35x24 840
palace* 2204000 7200 400 42x50 2100
storage house 10000 750 200 20x16 320
farm 45000 750 80 22x20 440
ranch 80000 1000 80 28x17 476
museum 140000 1500 400 34x20 680
shop 200000 5000* 10-400 34x20 680
dungeon* 500000 0 350 60x80 4800
discarded ranch* 500000 0 400 60x34 2040


No Cave deed exists. It only appears before you build a new home.
A shop initially has room for 10 items, but is expandable until it reaches 400. The maintenance was lowered to 2000 in Elona+.
A dungeon can only be bought in Elona+. Both the Palace and Discarded ranch are Elona+ exclusive.

Every building you create with a deed increases your taxation. As you increase ranks of your buildings, you gain more income. Buildings also incur monthly operational maintenance costs. These costs are reduced by 15% if the deed was blessed. This is likely no longer the case as in Version 1.16r fix2b, blessed deeds show no change to maintenance cost in comparison to normal deeds.

You can only have one house, so if you place a new one, the old one is removed. This concerns buildings from the following list (in order of cost and size):

  • The cave you start out with for a home (Default name is Your Home until you change it via the dialogue option with a hired maid)
  • shack
  • cozy house
  • estate
  • cyber house
  • small castle
  • palace

The items from your earlier house will transfer to the new house when replaced, all piled up into the central square, forcing you to re-distribute them around your new house; in Elona+, if you use the "deed of removal deed", your current house will be moved to the new location with all of the items remaining where you put them. Servants from the earlier house will not transfer.

Deeds of heirship[]

You can read deeds of heirship to claim items from the heir trunk in Your Home. If you play as an adventurer from a gene file, the trunk will be filled with the items in the original adventurer's inventory at the time of making the gene (except for Precious items, Deeds, Kitty banks, figurines, cards, and small medals); otherwise, the trunk will be empty.

These deeds always look the same and have the same name, but do not always stack together. Each will award between 1 and 3 additional heirlooms (As of version 1.69 of Elona+, each deed will always award 3 heirlooms). Deeds that stack together will not automatically grant the same number of heirlooms. A deed that lets you "claim +2 more heirlooms" lets you take 2 full item stacks--if the trunk has, for example, 10 scrolls of oracle in one stack and 1 potion of defender in another, they can all then be taken.

Deeds of property transfer (Elona +)[]

Deeds of property transfer can be read inside of player owned properties to register that property to the deed. Reading the deed a second time on the world map will move the registered property to your location. After the property is relocated the deed will be consumed.

Deeds of vehicles (Elona +)[]

The following types of deeds change the vehicle the player uses on the world map.

Deed Deed cost Maintenance Cargo limit increase Notes
carriage 30000 500 10
truck 120000 2000 20
  • When on a road tile, movement time is multiplied by another 3/5.
magic locomotive 600000 10000 30
  • No movement penalty on snow.
  • Reduces players MP while traveling.
  • Wishing for deed gives deed of carriage instead
land battleship 1800000 200000 100
  • Immune to desert heat.
  • Prevents monster and rogue encounters.
  • Wishing for deed gives deed of carriage instead.