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Cyber Dome
サイバードーム Seibaa Doomu
M148-Cyber Dome.png
You see a very strange building.
Region North Tyris
Location (21,27)
Music mcTown5
Filename cyberdome.map
Cyber Dome.png
Category:Cyber Dome

The cyber dome is a large dome located west of Vernis. Those in Vernis believe the inhabitants to be a bunch of freaks - unsurprising, considering the technology level of the dome compared to the rest of the land.

Within the Cyber Dome, you can receive a quest by a scientist, who begs of you to rescue Little Sisters from Big Daddies. More information available on the Little Sister page - and you can return to the scientist to receive more little balls to capture a Little Sister.

The Cyber Dome also houses two vendors that sell a variety of technological goods, most notably firearms. An altar to Mani of Machine is prominently displayed after a row of computers. Wearing equipment that reveals religion will show that all NPCs living there (who are willing to talk) indeed believe in Mani, with rare exceptions in some games.

Elona Mobile[]


  • Shopkeeper x2 - Sells firearms, furniture, junk technology, non-perishable food.

What's unique in Mobile?[]

  • Delivery box – use codes to get gifts from devs
  • Dungeon: Test ground (level 30) – talk to Research Assistant

Usable Equipment[]

  • Delivery box – use codes to get gifts from devs
  • Cooking (level 6)
  • Electronic scale
  • Altar to Mani of machines
  • Gacha machines (blue, purple)
  • Training machine – treadmill for training stats
  • Surgical table - Removes extra body parts (ie. equipment slots).

Mobile NPC's[]

  • Research Assistant – gives access to Test Ground dungeon
  • <mysterious Scientist> - Little sister quest