Elona Wiki

The music played in Elona may be customized using MIDI files or MP3 encoded audio.

The files are placed in %elona%\user\music and referenced in the music.txt file found therein.

To restore the original music.txt, just delete your custom one and start the game again. This will automatically copy the music.txt file from %elona%\original. You may also copy the file across manually.

Music codes[]

Important: the order of the files determines what audio file is played when, not the codes.

Default ID Description
gm_on.mid mcReset
pop01.mid mcTown1 Vernis
morning_breeze.mid mcTown2 Lumiest, Port Kapul
happymarch.mid mcTown3 Derphy, Museum
xp_field7.mid mcTown4 Palmia
pop03.mid mcDungeon1 Dungeons
PSML522.MID mcDungeon2
PSML514.MID mcDungeon3
PSML507.MID mcDungeon4
fantasy04.mid mcDungeon5
fantasy03.mid mcDungeon6
dwarf.mid mcPuti Vernis: Robber's Hideout, The Mine and Test Site
battle1.mid mcBoss Dungeon boss level (i.e. Be aware! This level is guarded by the lord of the...)
climax.mid mcBoss2 Fort of Chaos
orc05.mid mcVictory Dungeon boss defeated
orc01.mid mcOpening Main menu
orc03.mid mcLastBoss (unknown)
PSML516.MID mcHome Your Home and other deed homes
PSML060.MID mcLonely Farm, Ranch, Storage house, Shelter
fantasy01.MID mcChaos Palmia?
orc06.MID mcMarch1 (unknown)
orc02.MID mcMarch2 (unknown)
orc04.mid mcMarch3 (unknown)
victory.mid mcArena Arena battle, Panic quests
fanfare.mid mcFanfare Hunting job cleared, Arena victory
cobalt.mid mcVillage1 Yowyn
battle3.mid mcBattle1 Hunting job
town2l.mid mcCasino Blackjack
epi1coda.mid mcCoda Sleeping (note that it won't loop)
ruins1.mid mcRuin Embassy, Workshop, Truce Ground, Sister's Mansion, Graveyard, Shop, Abode of witch (Elona+)
PSML052.mid mcWedding Marrying a pet
main2.mid mcPetArena Pet Arena battle
PSML514.MID mcUnrest (unknown)
PSML047.MID mcTown5 Larna(?), Cyber Dome
xp_shrine2.mid mcUnrest2 (unknown)
morning_breeze.mid mcTown6 Noyel
orc04.mid mcField1 World map
xp_field2.mid mcField2
xp_field4.mid mcField3
memory.mid mcMemory (unknown)
field1_d.mid mcIntro Played over the intro text when starting a new game


The only apparent purpose of the mcXxxx ID codes is for convenience and they may be replaced with anything you prefer; however, filenames must be followed by at least one tab, otherwise, Elona will crash when it attempts to play the file.

Also note that MIDI files have somewhat of an advantage over mp3's files. Elona can vary the pitch, rate, etc of a MIDI to allow for more variety in music. Music saved in other formats (such as mp3) does not have this possibility, and will sound exactly the same every time they're played.

Elona+ changes[]

The Elona+ mod of Elona expands the number of music tracks in the game greatly. Some tracks that were not previously used where they should be, such as the last boss theme, are implemented in the mod.

The list itself leaves untouched anything up to the last track, mcIntro on file line 41. However, the tracks in-game that can be played with music CDs have been slightly changed, as the first line (mcReset) is no longer included. So, BGM0 in game will now play line number 2 instead, and the last track mcIntro which was formerly BGM40 is now BGM 39. Track numbers listed below reflect this change.

# Default ID Description
1 morning_breeze.mid mcTown2 Valm
3 xp_field7.mid mcTown4 Ruoza
10 dwarf.mid mcPuti Hill of mushroom, Rust Plaza
12 climax.mid mcBoss2 Final levels in the Machinery Fort, the Valley of Hereafter, and the Chaos Shrine, Dragon volcano (first floor)
14 title.mid mcOpening Amur-Cage
15 orc03.mid mcLastBoss

During the final battle of the normal Elona main quest

Dragon volcano (second floor)

22 fantasy01.MID mcChaos

Island in madnessNew Test SiteTest Site mission maps; post-Zeome cutscene

26 town2l.mid mcCasino Mirage Tower (second floor)
28 memory2.mid mcRuin Deep-sea castle, Ulm-Leson, and the Ancient Garden
32 ex101.MID mcTown5 Melkawn
38 memory.mid mcMemory Maid Mansion


Tracks listed here were not in the original list. The track list has expanded a couple of times since the mod was released, so this list could be longer in the future.

Some tracks which have no location may play during some cutscenes which do not activate in the English version of the game.

# Default ID Description
40 m_ba.mid mcBattle2 Challenge quests, last floor of Tower of Fire/Crypt of the Damned/Ancient Castle/Dragon's Nest/Pyramid
41 m_bb.mid mcBoss3 Forts of Chaos in South Tyris
42 machi06.MID mcTown7 LudusEirel
43 machi501.mid mcTown8 Arcbelc
44 m_nd.MID mcTown9 Port Kurualm
45 m_ki.MID mcDungeon7 Melugas
46 machi201.mid mcDungeon8 Pyramid, Mirage Tower ground floor, Valley of Hereafter
47 sample04.mid mcDungeon9
48 washi060.MID


49 washi514.MID mcVoyage
50 sorawashi.MID mcOpening2
51 machi01.mid mcMaid Irma and Thalia's Workshop
52 taku01.MID mcLonely2
53 memory2.mid mcMemory2 The Smoke and Pipe
54 orc01.mid mcOpening3 Shrine of Guardian
55 lastbattle.mid mcLastBoss3 Real final battle of Act 2 of the main quest
56 6-2.mid mcBoss4 Battle with the <H sister>
57 make.mid mcUnrest3
58 washi522.MID mcDungeon10
59 matsuri.mid mcFest In Ludus, during the South Tyris Rain Festival
60 wahu.mid mcJapan Doujou
61 machi201.mid mcSand

Pyramid, Mirage Tower ground floor, Valley of Hereafter

62 rival.mid mcBoss5 Encounter with the <Chestnut giant>

Castle of Ice mission map

63 machi3397.mid mcTown10 Eulderna blimp
64 3375.mid mcDungeon11
65 oo39.mp3 mcLost1 Lost Irva overworld track 1
66 3461.mid mcLost2 Lost Irva overworld track 2
67 3468.mid mcLost3 Lost Irva overworld track 3
68 goodbox.mid mcTown11 Ol-dran
69 229.mid mcTown12 Sacred Library of Irva
70 5-2.mid mcSad
71 xp_epilogue1.mid mcEND
72 Journey.mid mcEND2
73 clouds.mid mcHuge Alberion (Dock 2nd floor)
74 despir.mid    mcLastBoss4
75 Eternal_League.mid mcLastBoss5
76 pinch2.mid mcEvent1 untranslated cutscene?
77 washi047.mid mcTown3 Derphy