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Crypt of the Damned is a quest dungeon located between Vernis and Palmia. It has a danger level of 25, is six floors deep and is filled with skeletons, liches, shades, greater pumpkins and other unfriendly beings. At the final level, you will face <Issizzle> the dark abomination, a powerful mage who holds the <Staff of Insanity> and 1 of 3 magical stones (Lesimas Break the Seal quest). Issizzle should be no problem once you silence him. Note that eating his corpse uncooked gives 66 points of insanity.

Notes on <Issizzle>:

Main Attacks (70%): Melee attack using <Staff of Insanity>, Magic Dart, Ice Bolt, Darkness Bolt

Sub Attacks (30%): Short Teleport, Mist of Silence.

Chance to Move to 1 square away (60%)