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Icon-constitution.gif Constitution is the most significant attribute driving growth of HP besides Life (see the HP page for the specific formula,) especially at low levels. Constitution also increases your weight limit by 1 for every 4 constitution you have, and gives 1 more point of Stamina for every 5 constitution.

An easy way to train constitution is to use the mining skill in towns, especially Palmia. While mining, you may pick up ores, which can be sacrificed to Jure or Opatos at the altar, and you can eat and rest at the inn. You can also equip a very weak staff-type weapon and repeatedly attack a weak enemy while wearing medium or heavier armor and a shield to train constitution. Eating noodles, meat, yogurt, bread also trains constitution. Constitution also improves the damage of breath weapon special actions and is trained by using them.

The message "x begins to feel good when being hit hard." appears when a character gains Constitution.

A loss in Constitution triggers the message "x loses patience."

Skills that train Constitution[]

Corpses that train Constitution[]

  • Horses. A good way to train constitution is to breed horses with a Ranch. Horses can be brought from Yowyn and they have a high breeding power. ("A horsemeat! It's nourishing" appears when eaten.)
  • The cyclops and titan, both of the Giant race. ("This food is good for your endurance." will appear.)

Elona Mobile[]

See the Stats (mobile) page.