The color of characters and items is determined primarily by their default sprite color. However, this color can be modified with various tints, resulting in a greater variety.

Item colorsEdit

The colors of item sprites can be changed most easily in-game, by using dyes. Mix the item (B) with a bottle of dye of the desired color, and the item will take on a tint of that dye. Bottles of dye can be found in dungeons, or bought in shops - the dye vendor in Larna is the best source.

Savefile/memory editing: color tint is stored at offset 88 of inv.s1

Exception: dyes cannot change the color of NPC figurines, because the "color" slot is used as the figurine's NPC ID. Therefore, using dye changes the NPC that the figurine represents.

NPC colorsEdit

The color of NPC sprites cannot be changed in-game. Using dye on NPCs would simply poison them.

Savefile/memory editing: The color modifier is merged with the sprite ID. For example, the sprite ID "7398" means that the NPC uses sprite #398 with the color modifier #7 (black tint).

Color modifiersEdit

Below are all the color modifiers available in the game. Dye bottles represent the color tint that the particular color mod gives off. Untinted dye bottle sprites appear white (0, 1, 12).

Dye # Notes
Dye0 0 no tint
Dye1 1 no tint
Dye2 2 green tint
Dye3 3 red tint
Dye4 4 blue tint
Dye5 5 gold tint
Dye6 6
Dye7 7 black tint
Dye8 8 purple tint
Dye9 9
Dye10 10
Dye11 11
Dye1 12 no tint
Dye13 13
Dye14 14
Dye15 15
Dye16 16
Dye17 17
Dye18 18
Dye19 19
Dye20 20
Dye21 21 dark blue tint
Dye22 22 dark red tint
Dye23 23 dark green tint
Dye24 24 pure black
Dye25 25
Dye26 26
Dye27 27
Dye28 28
Dye28 29

Unidentified Item Colors and PrefixesEdit

Certain types of items, including spellbooks, potions, rings, rods, and scrolls, are generated with a random color tint, from a limited pool of color choices (0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). When unidentified, these items will show a color-dependent prefix next to their names, as indicated in the table below.

Tint id Potion Spellbook Scroll Staff Ring
0 clear thick blurred iron iron
2 green mossy mossy ivy green
3 red bloody bloody rusty rusty
4 blue clear ragged sapphire sapphire
5 gold luxurious boring golden golden
6 brown old old wooden wooden


All other tinting processes override this random base tint, but not the prefix. Therefore, it is possible to have an unidentified "golden potion" that is in fact, displays a blue tint. Two specific processes are listed below:

Equipment Material Types
Most material types give a specific tint to equipment, including rings and rods. An unidentified ring with the random default tint id 2 will carry the prefix "green", and will appear green, unless its material type comes with a different tint. The sprite of a zylon "green ring" for example, will be tinted blue.
Dyes are classified as potions, and potions are generated with a limited pool of random tints. However, a bottle of dye will also get assigned a tint randomly chosen from all the existing tint options. Thus the player might come across, for example, an unidentified "green potion" with a red-tinted sprite. Upon identification, the item's title will be "a bottle of dye (No.3)", and upon using it, will give its target a red tint.