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Coffees (misspelled cofee in older versions of Elona+) are potions found in Elona+. Consuming coffee reduces sleepiness by 20 points. A side effect of drinking coffee is the temporary inability to sleep. It can be crafted with Pot of fusion.

The effect of coffee is illustrated with the table below. A 20-point reduction in drowsiness is guaranteed to remove the Sleepy status and to reduce the first Need Sleep status. It will also remove the initial stages of the second Need Sleep status. It is possible to go into negative drowsiness, with the only known effect taking a bit longer to get the Sleepy status again, also, you can mix milk with coffee to get milk coffee, it has the benefits of both but with slightly less effect.

Sleep status Drowsiness
Sleepy 15
Need Sleep 30
Need Sleep! 50

Neither cursed nor blessed coffee has any additional effect.


The item sprite ID for coffee is 462 (Row 14, Column 0) using the item sprite zero-based position system.