Elona Wiki
Clean up mischief.
My mischief was successful, but cleaning is difficult because I put a trap too much. If you remove the pitfalls at [###] places, I'll give you a platinum coin.


On taking this quest, you will be transported to a large area with some trees and (a lot of) hidden pitfall traps scattered around. You have 60 in-game minutes to find and defuse your quota of traps. Triggering them by yourself, pets/zombies or even summoned monsters, walking on them with Disarm Trap skill, searching on top of exposed trap - all of it counts as defusing. Failing this quest will result in fame loss.

Pitfalls deal rather low damage (compared to difficulty), and only dangerous to very feeble or underleveled characters (use "It floats you" equipment in that case). Bring non-flying pets and zombies to increase amount of ground checked per step. Detect objects scrolls/spell will make search a lot easier. Gravity spell/skill disables floating and trap dodging and helps if your pets keep evading all traps they step on. Success will reward you with platinum coin and some dark/devil fragments. Exceeding quota more than 1.5 times will also award you a bronze coin.